How to Organize and Clean Your Refrigerator

You find peace and satisfaction by keeping your house tidy and clean. In my childhood, I used to peep into the refrigerator to feel the cold air whenever I came back from outside after playing in the hot sun.

When you feel hungry, you never want to spend time hunting for the right ingredient when you have a refrigerator in the house.

It is necessary to deep clean your refrigerator about four times every year. When you’re organizing things smartly, it will be rewarding to clean your fridge.

Especially when you have children in your house, keep snacks at the eye level so that they can easily grab without making any mess.

Categorize items into different groups and arrange them thoroughly so that it should be visible whenever you feel like eating.

To get complete knowledge on how to clean and organize the food items properly in the fridge, continue reading the article until the end. Don’t just read try to implement them to get desired results.

How to Organize Your Fridge

  1. Keeping Fridge Empty Is Bad And Overfilled is Even Worse.

Keeping Fridge Empty Is Bad

Whenever something falls when you open a refrigerator, it means that you have stocked food into the fridge. This can block air vents and interrupts uniform cooling inside the fridge.

This further affects the energy efficiency of the appliance and durability of a compressor will decrease.

The same way whenever the fridge is empty, keep a few water bottles so that when they are chilled it helps the appliance to maintain the cool temperature.

Better keep two-third of a fridge full to maximum energy efficiency and increase the durability of the compressor.

  1. Avoid keeping Easy Spoilage Items Like Milk In The Door.

The warmest part in the refrigerator is door section. So it is not wise to store milk and egg there. Keep them in the separate container below the freezer or any other cold section.

Door section experiences temperature fluctuations so it is better to store condiments which is not easily liable to spoiling. For snacks and leftovers, top shelves are the ideal place.

The chances of germ growth in a warm place are more than in a place with low temperature. Meat and other frozen items have to be either in the freezer or in the lower shelves.

When you keep the meat in upper shelves, chances of leakage or spillage on other food items are more so it advisable to store it in lower shelves to maintain hygiene.

  1. Avoid Keeping Chopped Vegetables And Fruits In Fridge.

Clean and cut fruits and vegetables before consuming. When you do the other way, most of its area will be exposed to foreign bodies. Fruits will lose freshness and start observing odour from other food items.

Every time after cleaning the refrigerator, install deodorizer on the wall. They filter bad odour by observing and avoid mixing of odour from different food items.

They tend to retain the freshness of food items intact. Baking soda is the most used deodorizer.

Build the habit of storing leftovers in separate compartments. When you add newer food items, leftovers will be left behind and remain unnoticeable.

Assign a separate compartment to food items that are about to expire. Finish these leftovers fast and start preparing a new dish.

  1. Assign different functions to each section of the door.

different functions to each section

To have refrigerator extremely organized and look clean, assign each section of the door a different function.

Store daily usable products in a separate section, egg tray in small container and sauces (soy sauces, veg sauces) in a different compartment.

Learn to control humidity button present near the freezer or fridge wall. Store food that is about to expire in low humidity drawer and vegetables in high humidity drawer to keep it fresh.

Prefer using organic food instead of inorganic as they are safe to eat. Even though they have shorter life span keeping them in the fridge can enhance their life.

If you know where to keep specific food in their particular position, it can save food from spoilage and save electricity.

Keep Your Fridge Clean And Tidy.

  1. Empty The Fridge.

Empty The Fridge

Cleaning fridge starts with emptying all the food items from the fridge. Throw out old food and expired ones to get rid of food that no one likes. Compost old food and recycle containers which are used to store.

So while removing, keep food that has to be put back into the fridge separately and food that is about to expire separately to organize properly.

  1. Clean Refrigerator Gasket.

Gently wipe gasket seal with cleaning solution using a toothbrush to remove residue. By cleaning, it makes it easier for the gasket to stick firmly and therefore increases the efficiency of the refrigerator.

You can also check the gasket for any tear or holes. If it resists when you pull it out, then the seal is good. If it comes out easily, then there is a problem with the gasket.

  1. Clean The Removable Parts.

Many people use baking soda and vinegar, to clean removable parts in your fridge. They efficiently absorb odours while cleaning.

Fill a spray bottle with baking soda and warm water, then start spraying it on all the interior surfaces of the fridge.

Scrub trouble spots with brush and wipe it with a dry cloth. Cover stubborn spots with the paste of baking soda, allow it to sit for at-least ten minutes then wipe it.

  1. Clean Exterior Of Fridge And Their Coils.

exterior of fridge

Even the coil which you can’t see needs cleaning once in a year. In some refrigerator, coils are exposed at the back and dust starts accumulating on it.

For cleaning, coils check owners manual to know the specific instructions. Use coil brush to clean around the coil and use a vacuum to remove debris.

Wipe the exterior part with a cloth sprayed with the cleaning solutions. For stainless steel fridge, use an alcohol solution to remove stubborn grime.

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