How To Save Money On Pet Expenses

It has been known that having a pet can get expensive, your furry friend does cost you. It is not always necessary that you spend a lot to give your pet the adequate attention and care they require. Use the following methods below to learn how to save money for your pet expenses.


The pricing of dogs are sky high, needless to say you should start your search for a pet dog at the local dog shelter. With some pounds you will be able to embrace a pet, when to opt for purchasing a dog from dog shelter. Buying a dog from shelter is way cheaper than buying from a breeder.

But it has been noticed that people generally prefer buying from breeders due to the fact that the dog’s past or heritage is known. In case you decide to take another route instead of spending fast, adoption is an excellent route to go.

  • Save on Food

We all know how expensive pet food can get therefore look for an alternative but healthy food. Healthy food alternatives will consist of healthy meat and nutritional veggies, which is nothing but home cooked meal. The healthiest brand of food for pets brand maybe costlier but there are options where you can buy them for discount.

Various websites online promote by giving discounts and coupons. That you can print to get a considerable amount off anywhere from 20%-40% off. Some effort on your part will have you save few pounds. Spend some time and search for pet’s food brand website to see if they have similar coupons or offers.

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  • Learn to groom your pet

This indeed is one of the area where you will be spending a chunk of your money on pet. Pet grooming is expensive therefore it highly suggested that pet owners learn how to groom their pet. To begin with, the grooming products such as dog clippers, shampoos, nail clippers, brushes, etc. itself are expensive.

Grooming products are an essential tool for dog grooming and this is one investment you have to do. There is no way out of it, as pet shampoos are must because normal shampoos can cause irritation on the dog’s skin. Your dog’s coat needs to be brushed in every interval that depends on the length of your dog’s hair.

To reduce the shedding of hair use the brushes. Many are not confident enough to handle pet clippers and therefor end up in a pet salon which is risk free but costly. You can learn how to groom your pet and save up on the money that you spend on various grooming sessions at the salon.

It might look difficult, but everything that you have never tried before seems scary. So give it a try and be as gentle as you can, so that you do not end up hurting your pet. Pay careful attention when you visit the salon or you can always refer to online videos and grooming tips for your dog.

  • Exercise

The most common health issue in dogs is obesity which leads to frequent trips to the vet and a hefty number of bills. So you must ensure daily exercise for your pet’s health. Vet bills are expensive so try avoiding it for something such as obesity. Therefor make sure that you are giving them proper exercise which will help your pet to stay fit.

  • Get the required Shots and Pills

“Prevention is better than cure”, hence it is always a good decision to get your dog vaccinated on time. It will be cheaper to visit for vaccinations, instead of going for cure in the future. Prevention of heart worm, teak and flea is going to be much cheaper compared to the Lyme disease these minor problems can grow into.

  • Shop for your vet

Do not just end up to the first vet which is nearest to you. Look and call around to compare the prices. As every vet is going to charge you differently. There are few Vets who are exceptionally good in their work but due to the love for animal they tend to charge minimally. If you can find someone like that you will definitely save up some money on the trips to vet.

  • Buy pet medicines online

This method does not always give guaranteed results but buying few pet medicines online can prove to be cheaper at times. Medicines like flea prevention can be cheap when buying online and save you some money.


  • DIY toys

Who does not wish to shower there pet with toys? But of course not everyone can afford to invest in ridiculously expensive toys, especially not the college students. So Pinterest has series of ideas all you need to do is take some time out, collect some crafts and start making a DIY toy.

With a range of hardware products you can create some really unique and fun toy for your dog and save money while making your dog happy.

  • DIY Treats

Though dog treats are not terribly expensive, but saving a little money every now and then is a good habit. Prepare yummy homemade dog treats for your dog. Not only will you save money but you will also be providing your dog with a healthier option. Homemade snacks are always healthier and this will definitely help your dog to avoid vet for unhealthy eating.

  • Clean those shiny pearls

Brushing your teeth is a health care essential even for your dogs. In fact a quick Google search has shared the vital information that brushing your dog’s teeth daily can add up to four years to their life.

It is easy to accomplish task for a daily basis and it is wise to start the habit. Dog toothbrush kits are pretty cheap and could save your pet from a lot of diseases in the future.

These are simple yet effective methods to save money. All in all, it is enlightening to know that pet maintenance being outrageously expensive is a myth. Follow this simple tricks and suggestions that will help you to save money and yet give your pet the care and attention they deserve.

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