How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair Female Safely, Hygiene

shave buttcrack hair

You may have shaved your butt crack hair several times, and even discuss it with your best friend for any tips. So I did. However, when cutting your buttcrack hair, I’m simply ashamed to even mention anyone I know. But, the good news is you do not have to ask anyone about it anymore!

If you want to learn how to shave your butt crack hair in a safe and sanitary way, you’ve come to the right place. The method I have shared below was delivered to me by an experienced salon owner using this method.

If you are wondering whether scraping the butt is a little more complicated than scraping off other parts of the body, the answer is yes. However, if you follow the simple steps mentioned below, you will have a clean shave immediately.

Choose the right shaving device

Shaving hair on buttcrack might make you feel clean and comfortable. It can help prevent dampness from fungal or bacterial infections. Improve the physical movement when you work in public environment.

One of the worst things you can do for the butt area and near the anus is shaving with a blunt razor blade. It will cause the area around your buttocks or shaved area to become reddish, or to be scratched. Or shaving with bad materials, leaving the hair unpainted, the remaining pores will rub into the skin. It will cause itching and discomfort.

Before you learn how to shave your buttcrack hair first, you will first need to collect some supplies that are absolutely necessary for the method below. Most of these supplies can be located in your home.

Electric shaver

First, you will need a good quality electric shaver. I would not recommend using the same shaver that you use on other parts of the body.

Also, avoid buying an under-the-counter shaver as your anus is a really sensitive part of the body and a faulty shaver can cause irritation or other serious problems.

If you are using an electric shaver that has been used in the past, be sure to clean and disinfect the shaver with warm water before using it for shaving.

Manual razor

Along with an electric shaver, you also need a razor to help you reach other parts of your buttocks.

If you have never used a razor before, I recommend you use it on your buttcrack hair.

Be sure to purchase a new stainless steel blade for your razor and do not reuse any old blades.

Handheld mirror

A hand mirror is essential if you want to avoid cuts and bruises while shaving. You should get an average mirror with a comfortable handle.

Shaving gel

You will need some good quality shaving gel to apply it down before using the razor when you shave your buttcrack hair. Without shaving gel, the whole process will prove painful and unbearable. You can also use vaginal gel with manjakani extract if you have run out of a shaving gel.

In addition to these products, you also need an antiseptic and a clean cloth.

Shave when you take a warm bath

When taking a warm shower or bath, remember to soak your buttocks and anus in warm water. Soaking the area with warm water will make this area of sensitive feather soft. It will help you shave the area more easily and painlessly.

You can use a soft cloth to gently exfoliate this area of your body. Then, if this area has many feathers, you can use a small scissors to trim the hair a few mm away from the skin. It will help you shave the area easier and not hurt the anal area.

Make precise, meticulous shaving heads

Use one hand to pull your skin tight, then use the other hand to begin shaving gently and carefully. If you have multiple hairs growing upside down, shave in the direction of hair growth. Shifting against the direction of hair growth increases the risk of ingrown hairs in the anus.

Afterwards, shave the hairs on each area of the buttock to minimize irritation. You can add aloe vera gel or moisturizer to reduce itching during shaving. Never use a shaving razor without a moisturizing gel while shaving the butt and anal area as it can irritate the skin and become more sensitive.


If the buttcrack hair is too much trouble when you play sports or when the weather’s hot. This makes you feel annoyed and embarrassed? Shaving your buttcrack hair might make you feel better. How to shave the buttocks is quite difficult for first-time people to do this. We can see that there are many ways to shave your buttcrack hair. It is totally safe. But, if you are still worried and do not dare to do it yourself, you can go to the salon or the prestigious aesthetic. Hope the above share can help you in this case. If you have any information useful in this, please share with us. And do not forget to share this information with your friends.

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