How to Type Faster: 5 Tips & Tricks to Master the Art of Typing

As speaking is a mode of communication in the real world, typing is a sort of communication in the digital age. Typing on physical keyboards is an inevitable skill and we cannot certainly survive in this age of technology without knowing how to type faster. Not only that it will make you more productive, but typing faster will also enable you to keep up with rambling thoughts in your brain; that might get to disappear within a few seconds.

The average person’s typing speed is approximately 40 words per minute. However, one can also acquire 100 wpm or even more with sheer practice and determination.

So, how to master the art of typing? In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips and tricks to get you started typing faster. Let’s begin…

1. Always Sit at a Designated Workplace

First and foremost tip is to set a designated workplace and typing area. If you’re working from your home, make sure to allocate a space for your work that is comfortable, clean and well-aired. Additionally, you will also need a proper table and chair to ace an optimal typing. You cannot work properly if you’re not mentally composed and well-settled.

2. Maintain Proper Posture & Hand Placement

In order to type optimally, your body posture counts a lot. Your back should be aligned straight with the back of the chair, with elbows bent properly so that your fingers can cover the whole keyboard, and your feet should be planted apart but flat on the ground. Tilt your head at a comfortable position as per your ease so that you can view the screen appropriately also.

For hand placement: Place your fingers on the keyboard in such a way that the left index finger touches the F key and the right index finger is on the J key. Your fingers should fall naturally along the middle row of the keyboard, also known as the home row keys. If you want to type anything outside the home row, use your nearest finger. Keep your fingers bound for the said positions. Use your pinkies to press “shift” key and your thumb to press “space bar” when needed.

It is also significant that you keep this position as you type. Keep your back and shoulders straight. Do not slouch as this will stress your body muscles later on. 4. Acquaint Yourself with the Keyboard

3. Train Yourself to Touch Type

The best exercise to learn fast typing is to practice “Touch Type”. It is when you type without looking down on the keyboard. It can gradually improve your typing speed. In fact, those who are pro at writing may get slowed down when they write while looking at the keyboard. So it’s a great technique.

This is how you can practice yourself. Open a blank word document or file and start writing anything that comes to your mind. Do not pay much attention to the speed of typing, just focus on doing less typo errors. Try to condition your fingers and learn the position of letters. You can also share or transfer your files on your smartphone for practicing anytime on the go.

Depending on your dedication and practice, you’ll soon grab where each key is and from there, you’ll now practise for the speed.

4. Try to Recall Keys

This is another great way to practice faster typing. Open a document, now either close your eyes or use an on-screen keyboard and press keys and recall them. Give a score to yourself for the number of keys that you recalled right. Practice this multiple times and compare your results. You will surely see a positive difference.

5. Practice With Apps

Last but not the least, practice. practice. practice… If this sounds boring or tiresome to you then you can also give a shot to typing games. Here are a couple of websites where you can figure out how to vanquish the keyboard and have fun simultaneously.

Hope these tips and tricks would be helpful for you. You can try and practice whatever suits you the most. However, keep in mind that learning how to type faster takes time, practice and patience. Make sure to use a combination of all these three elements. Good Luck!

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