How to Win with Weights: Why to Add These 3 Weights to Your Workout

Just started going to the gym? Great move! But while it’s easy to get started on the treadmill, cross-trainer and weight machines at the gym, you may feel a little bit intimidated by the free weights.

But don’t be! While it’s important to use them properly, which you can do by getting help from the trainers at your gym, free weights have lots of benefits. Here are three that you should add to your workout.

1. Dumbbells

Pick up a pair of dumbbells and you won’t want to put them down again. Dumbbells are some of the most versatile free weights to use in the gym. Beginners love them because they are so easy to get started with, and they are not as intimidating as barbells. You can start with a couple of small weights and take it from there, and you can even get a set to use at home.

Dumbbells come in various types, including fixed-hex dumbbells and studio dumbbells, and they can also be fixed-weight or adjustable. But any standard pair of dumbbells will be fine to get you started.

Dumbbells are a great addition to any workout because they have so many benefits. They provide excellent range of motion for a start, which means you can move your arms with freedom, much more so than with some other types of weights like barbells. Because of this, you can work some muscles harder than others and target the muscles you want to work.

You can use dumbbells for unilateral movements, which helps you to work on any strength imbalances you have. Most people have a weaker side, and it’s important to work on your weaker muscles too. This is not as easy with weights like barbells, but using dumbbells, you can specifically target your weaker muscles.

Lots of movements are possible with dumbbells, helping to add variety and keep things fun. From goblet squats to one-arm swings and many more, you can add lots of different movements so you won’t get bored so easily.

Dumbbells are small, convenient and easy to store too. That means as well as using them in the gym, you can get a pair to use back at home. Try adding them to your routine today and enjoy the benefits for yourself.

2. Barbells

It’s easy to be intimidated by barbells when you are a beginner. But while you will need some instruction to start using barbells safely, you can certainly enjoy the benefits.

Whether you have used them or not, you’ll be familiar with barbells, which consists of a long bar with weights attached to each end. In competitions, you may have seen people lifting them from the floor. But you will probably start by lying down on a bench and lifting them up and away from your body.

The reason they can seem a bit more intimidating is that people often use them with heavy weights – but you don’t have to. In fact, it’s dangerous to lift too much at first. You may be worried about dropping the bar and causing yourself an injury, and that’s why it’s important to get professional instruction at your gym. Ask one of the instructors for help and make sure you’re doing it safely.

When you get into barbells, you’ll find that they have lots of benefits. One of the main advantages of adding barbells into your routine is that they are a fantastic way to gain mass. It’s usually easier to lift heavier weights when using barbells because fewer stabiliser muscles are engaged, and that means you can build strength quicker and meet your goals faster.

Another benefit of using barbells is that they distribute the weight evenly, providing stability. Just be aware of muscle imbalances when using barbells. Your dominant side might do more work than your weaker side, so mix barbells up with dumbbells to resolve this.

3. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are incredibly popular weights that are found in nearly all gyms these days. Perhaps you are still looking at them suspiciously, unsure about how to get started. But you should definitely try them out because adding kettlebells to your workout can bring a lot of benefits.

Kettlebells provide you with a total body workout, and they are a fantastic conditioning tool. You can use them to build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, and they are incredibly versatile too. They make it easy to get started with weights.

Kettlebells are a fantastic option for improving core strength because they involve explosive movements. They are also a great way to burn fat. Kettlebells provide you with a high-intensity workout that helps to burn serious amounts of calories, and they are a great choice if you want a full cardio workout.

Kettlebells are good for improving coordination and balance too by helping to strengthen your stabiliser muscles. And with so many exercises available, they can help to mix up your routine and add some fun to your workout.

Have Fun with Free Weights

You may be tempted to stick to the machines when you first start working out, don’t let free weights intimidate you. As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to use free weights, even when you’re just starting out. Talk to the trainers at your gym, get some instruction, then add these three weights to your routine and feel the benefits.

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