How Wooden Floors Add to Value of Your House

No one knows when they will need to sell their house for extra cash or just for a change of scenery or even due to a job transfer. But the prospect seems inevitable at some point in your life. If you want to draw a money-spinning deal, then you need to mind your investments for lucrative reciprocations.

You need to pay attention to the hip trends for house renovations while refurbishing it. And more closely so if you want to sell it in the immediate future. Furthermore, renovations in your house should be done according to the cost and value rule. If you are not likely to gain a profit on your investments, then it is wise to abandon it altogether.

Your house’s flooring can be quite a nice tool to win a rewarding deal for your house. It is the center point of all your decorations and revamps. Moreover, hardwood floorings have always been popular among the masses, especially for pet owners.

Though a bit expensive than carpeting, hardwood floorings are a preferred choice of most buyers. We have the research of the National Association of Realtors to validate our statement.  According to their research, capitalizing in hardwood floorings while redecorating can bring you 100% takings.

Pros of Hardwood Flooring

One of the most special things about hardwood floorings is that people can’t seem to let go of this trend.We have researched about the advantages of hardwood floorings to get a better understanding of the buzz. Our findings are listed below:

A Visual Treat for your Eyes

It is the 21st century, yet people are still hung up on a décor trend from centuries ago. It is because hardwood flooring makes your house look elegant and spacious. Not to mention the vintage look you’ll be enjoying in a modern house. Moreover, these floorings give your house a warm and inviting look that is unattainable with cold tiles.

Quick Clean Ups & Minimum Upkeep

Hardwood floorings are easy to clean and maintain. You can use almost any method of cleaning to get rid ofthe dirt and debris collected on your floors over time. Carpeted floors demand extra effort from the cleaners. If you have experience in cleaning carpeted floors, then you can attest to our statement.

You can use steamed or vacuum cleaners or just a brush to clean hardwood floorings without worrying about ruining its texture.

Besides, a hardwood floor does not need to be re-polished every year. You can wait for a maximum three to five years before opting for a thorough polishing. Hardwood flooring has a lifetime of 10 years, but the figure is dependent on the type of wood and service you have used.

Pet-Friendly & Allergen Free

Animal fur and pollen are bound to get stuck among the bristles of carpets. These make carpeted floorings unhygienic and cause several allergies among individuals.

Furthermore, if not cleaned properly and regularly, microorganisms like mites and bacteria will take a permanent residence inside your carpets.

If you own a pet, then you can never pass on hardwood flooring as it is a safe and convenient choice. Easy cleanups allow you to clean your house regularly which eliminates all the possibilities of infections and allergic reactions.

Many buyers prefer houses with hardwood floorings mainly because of the above-mentioned advantage. No one wants to buy a house crawling with someone else’s germs.Therefore; some buyers want to switch from carpeted floorings to hardwood floorings. Finding a house that already has hardwood flooring can save them time as well aslessen the burden of redecorating.

Durable & Long Lasting

Hardwood floorings are easy to maintain, thereby increasing their life expectancy. These are less likely to be damaged and can endure certain heavy drops against its surface. Hence, you do not have to worry about changing the floorings after 10 years or so. You can simply redo it whenever you feel like changing the look of your interior.

Economical & Cost and Value

Wooden floors are the most cost-effective flooring choice. Initial installation of hardwood floors is more expensive than the other types of floorings, but it is economical in the long run. You won’t be spending money on cleaning services or on other regular furnishes while using hardwood floorings. It requires minimum effort from your part which is another reason for its popularity.

Improves Air & Sound Quality

Wooden floors cannot house any allergens and microorganisms, which means you can open windows for air passage. This is the most natural way of ventilating your house and can help you get rid offoul smells in your house.

In addition, the sound waves have good reverberance against wooden floors. This quality improves the acoustic ambiance of your household.

The above-listed pros can give you an understanding of why a buyer for your house will most likely prefer wooden flooring over others.According to statistics reported by, one can expect 2.5% revenue from a wooden floor investment. But it is vital to know whether the wooden floor you like is something that is in-demand or not. Furthermore, you need to pay close attention to the color scheme and the rest of the interior of your house. You can’t just rely on a single commodity to bring you profits without weighing the variables.

Following are some of the most popular wooden floor trends of the ongoing year:

Natural Shades of Color & Tone Duality

Recent wooden floor trends show that buyers prefer natural shades of wood over stained red and the likes. They also look for consistency in your house. For instance, you cannot make your living room’s flooring look natural but opt for extreme green or red colors in the bedrooms.

Furnace brown engineered oak blocks from the Wooden Floors Specialists Ltd. has an impressive fan following. They offer outstanding variations in the colour of wooden floors and their types along with remarkable customer service. Furthermore, extremely light tone and dark tones are also a growing trend for wooden floors.

Shades of Silver & Gray

There is another popular flooring at the Wooden Floor Specialists Ltd. and that is silver sky engineered oak blocks. This is also in line with the rising demand for shades of gray and silver in wooden floorings. This trend initially got the momentum back at the start of this decade with vinyl but soon people started to demand real hardwood floors in gray. From then till now, the trend hasn’t died down reported by the sales record of Wooden Floor Specialists Ltd.

Mute & Blending Colors

Lighter tones with muted shades and blends are also loved by customers. The idea is to keep it minimum yet attractive. Brushed white oil wood available at the Wood Floor Specialist is made in Europe and is extremely popular among their customers.

Aside from the above-mentioned trends, there is always a need for authentic wood of premium quality and not many providers sell what they advertise. You can check out the various types of wooden floors from oak to bespoke ones on the Wooden Floor Specialist for reference.


Though we have investigated the reasons how wooden floor adds value to your house’s worth, but some caution is advised. You need to decide whether you want your bathrooms’ flooring wooden or tiled. This decision will challenge another variable that is consistency.Simply put, you must think this through and avoid impulsive revamping if you want to generate profitable revenue.

In the end, it is quite clear how wooden floors add value to your house in more ways than you can imagine. They have a plethora of benefits and advantages that propel buyers to pay more for a house that has wooden floorings. We wish you good luck with your choice!

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