Is Hypnosis Therapy a Good Option to Quit Smoking

For most people who have the bad habit to smoke, quitting smoking for them to turn out to be a challenge, but definitely, one of the best things you can do to get your health back on track. Smoking is hazardous and even become a deadly habit. In fact, it is the leading cause of various cancers and increases your risks of getting heart attacks, lung diseases, strokes, and some other health problems like cataract and fractures.

Have you tried patches, nicotine lozenges, counseling, chewing gum, and other methods to break away your habit but failed? You should ask your health specialist if hypnosis therapy could work as the best pain management option for you, whether it can help to kick away your bad habit of smoking. The fact remains that some studies clearly show that hypnosis therapy can help some people to quit their smoking habits.

What Is Hypnosis and Hypnosis Therapy?

When talking about hypnosis, its definition goes an altered state of awareness, during which you will appear to be in a trance or be asleep. In a clinical set up it is a therapy expert can use to treat certain psychological and physical problems. Although it is applicable in a broad range, it also helps to address other conditions like speech disorders, weight issues, and addiction problems as mentioned.

People often debate about how the hypnosis therapy actually works. Some believe that when you enter the hypnotized stare, you concentrate and relax more, where your mind opens to receive suggestions like quitting smoking. The therapist will give you suggestions, intended to transform into subliminal messages. These messages may not be prominent ones that the patient will be aware of, however, they are at their minds fringes, influencing them to make some targeted choices.

Hypnosis therapy works in a fascinating way on the specific part of the brain that generates thoughts. For example, when you see something, your mind will generate automatic reactions that have links to your experiences or even deep-rooted tendencies. Such thoughts directly have effects through hypnosis, or at least this is the main goal of the therapy sessions.

When patients walk into Kroll Care for hypnosis therapy, they wonder about what the experience would feel like during the hypnosis state of being unconscious. Rest assured that you will still be aware of your surroundings and regardless of what most performers claim during a fun show, hypnosis therapy never makes you do anything against your will. Based on medical research, the brain tests doctors perform during the hypnotism sessions show a high level of neurological activity.

Hypnosis Therapy for Smokers

The main principle of hypnosis therapy for targeting addiction is to bring out all unhealthy thoughts to the surface and replace them with a positive one that encourages smokers to stop their dependency on cigarettes. It informs a patient that smoking is dangerous to the health and hypnotists do this by sharing some unpleasant suggestions such as smoke smells like the exhaust of a truck. Another thought they can put forward in a subliminal way is that smoking will leave the mouth of the patient feeling parched.

It helps to make patients understand three vital aspects, including:

  • Smoking poisons the body
  • Protect your body to the extent where you would like to live
  • You need to stay healthy for a longer life

In so many cases, consulting a hypnotherapist will help to guide you through the art of self-hypnosis. Often, this type of therapy will include anything from the video, audio and other options.

Hypnotherapy for smokers comes in unique designs and processes that often take several sessions. One of the first sessions is to implant the idea that smoking is dangerous and you need to avoid it. Once this begins to work, it changes the perception of people.

Over time, these positive suggestions will become stronger. Usually, this is because the sessions are more forceful in pushing away the idea that smoking is something you do want to do anymore.

Is Hypnosis Therapy a Good Choice?

Keep in mind that hypnosis therapy will not stop you from smoking right away. All that it does is work at a gradual pace and eliminate all your cravings. After several sessions, you will no longer feel the urge to smoke as frequently. After that, it will become a lot easier for you to quit smoking on your own.

For all those wondering if hypnosis therapy actually works, several studies show that it is the most successful forms of treatment options to help smokers quit their addiction. So many people have opted for the therapy and within months, they see great results.

Some even wonder whether it has any side effects or whether it will actually work for them. The truth is that therapists use no chemicals or drugs and people do not have to worry about it.

You should remember that it is never actually too late to consider the thought of quitting to smoke. Doing so actually comes with several health benefits. Therefore, you should consider seeking the help of a specialist.

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