How to Pick the Right Physiotherapist for Chronic Pain

Finding the right physiotherapist is extremely important to ensure a speedy recovery from your chronic pain. And this brief guide will help you…

100 million North Americans have chronic pain, meaning nearly 30% of the population is suffering from chronic pain. This costs over$600 billion a year in treatments and lost wages.

How do we define chronic pain.It generally starts with a minor injury or illness triggered by poor posture, obesity, aging bones and spines and carrying heavy objects. Once chronic pain occurs, it doesn’t go easily. ? Chronic pain lasts for weeks, months and even years.

Life with chronic pain is not easy. The pain affects the mobility and range of action and disrupt everyday routines of the patient. Many patients with chronic pain find it extremely painful to stretch or move the muscles, prompting them to limit their activities just because to avoid pain.

From topical ointments, aspirins to the surgical implant, there are many ways to treat and manage chronic pain.

What about opting for a physiotherapist for your chronic pain? With so many treatment options available for chronic pain, seeking physiotherapist for chronic pain may not be your first thought. But physiotherapy can help you in managing the pain. How?

Physiotherapy helps recover injury and restore mobility through exercises, massages, joint mobilization, dry needling, and stretching. It is a safer, efficient and affordable way to manage your pain than drugs and surgery.

Choosing the Correct Physiotherapist is Important!

Finding a physiotherapist is not a big deal. There may be hundreds of physiotherapy clinics in your city. But how to tell if you have chosen a right physiotherapist? Remember, you can get the maximum benefits of physiotherapy with the experienced, accredited and qualified practitioner.

So here are the things you should look for in a physiotherapist. 

  • Expertise:

Will you see a bone specialist if you have a sore tooth?

Similarly, you should choose the relevant physiotherapist for your pain. For example, if you have a bad back, you should see someone who specializes in musculoskeletal problems. Moreover, if you are recovering from heart bypass surgery, you should visit a physiotherapist that has experience with  cardiovascular issues.

  • Location:

How far is the physiotherapy clinic from your place?

The location of your physiotherapist does matter as you may be required to undergo multiple sessions. Secondly, you will have to avoid long distance driving in case of having musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, aim to choose a nearby physiotherapist, or that is easily accessible. This way, you feel more encouraged to complete all of your sessions.

  • Qualifications: 

Keep in mind that an improper physiotherapy will do more harm than good. This is why it is essential to choose a licensed and qualified practitioner. Here are the things you must do to ensure about their qualification.

  • Inquire about their qualifications and certifications
  • Visit their website and check their reviews
  • Ask for some past cleint’srefrence as it will provide you an idea of the quality of their service. 
  • Availability:

Make sure the appointment time of physiotherapist should match your availability time. There is no use of choosing the clinic which is only open limited hours.If you are working,a clinic which offers early morning or late evening booking will be best. Ask them if they accept emergency or last-minute patients and have flexible booking policies.

  • Method of Treatments:

Generally, a physiotherapist determines the suitable techniques for your treatment after assessing your condition. However, if there is a particular treatment or technique that you are not comfortable with,please raise your concern with your physiotherapist. Remember, you need to be open with your physiotherapist so that he can take action to speed up your recovery. After all, they are your partner in healthcare.

  • Privacy:

If you are conscious of other’s attention while doing a workout, choose the clinic where you can get a private room. If you are performing your exercises in a comfortable setting, you will be more inclined to continue your workouts and complete your treatment regiment.

  • Attention:

Make sure the clinic you choose provides one-on-one physiotherapy services for each patient. This will ensure you personalized attention and care from the physiotherapist. It is better if there is a single physiotherapist for each patient, in a single time slot, so that the practitioners need not wind up their sessions in haste in order to treat the next one. Besides, patients are required to be observed after undergoing ultrasonic or electrical shock wave. Therefore, make sure your clinic provides sole care to each person.

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Bottom Line:

So you must have understood how and why to choose a right physiotherapist to enjoy maximum benefits of physiotherapy. All you need to focus on the expertise, qualification, services, and location. However, it can’t be denied that it may take you time to locate the right one according to your needs. But it is for sure that choosing the right one will benefit you in the long run.

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