Innovative Ideas for the Garage Door to Enhance the Curb Appeal of your Home

The garage is considered a home for the car and numerous storage items! But, what most homeowners never think about is the beauty of the property’s exterior. After all, everyone will be able to see the garage door. We thought why not get creative with the garage door design? It can enhance the beauty of your home by leaps and bounds, not to mention the appreciative stares from visitors and neighbours!

Attenborough Doors is one of the few stores that offer you a wide variety of garage door options! So, it is up to you how you upgrade this top-grade garage door to take it up a notch. You will not only wow the neighbours, but the whole world. You need to get a bit creative and show the world your creative flair. Heard about writer’s block? Well, even you can have “innovative block”, where your creative mind is unable to process and transform your thoughts into proper ideas. So, the secret will be ours that we helped to activate your innovative mind and remove the block.  

Innovative Garage Door design to uplift the Exterior Look of your Home

The garage doors from the stores are definitely of the highest quality, but why not glam up the look of the garage door. A few simple ideas that can do the job are all you need. Have a look at these ideas and find your inspiration:

1.The Tech-Savvy Garage Door: In the modern age of information and internet, why not add such a garage door as well? We do not mean something out of the future in the door itself, but as an exterior design of the door. Let the garage door look like a “Google Search Page”! It will definitely catch the eyes of people passing by your house. Add some pun to the door and use the word “wall” to signify a change to the wall that should have been there. This is just the base, now you can use your creative brain to add layers of fun and décor to it!

  1. Camouflaged Garage Door: Who does not want a home that looks perfect from the outside? So, we make sure that we take care of the home exterior. Why just add a mundane garage door? Sure it is of top-notch quality, but who said not to have some fun? Install a high quality garage door and add some colour and windows to it! Make it look as if it is a room on the ground floor. The camouflaged garage door is something that few people will be able to discern from the rest of the house, but guests and visitors will be left perplexed! Why? Just imagine something that looked like a normal wall, opens up to reveal your car!
  2. Garage Door Goes 3D: In a time, when 3D movies have gained so much popularity! Why not give your garage door a 3D look? It is quite a simple task! All you need is a high quality 3D sticker, which fits the size of your garage door. Stick it on with the help of an expert and voila, you have created the perfect 3D garage door! It looks beautiful and will definitely catch the eye of people passing by!
  3. Create an Illusion: You can either go the 3D way or add an illusion to the garage door! How about beautiful scenery, a waterfall or a forested area? There are so many choices. All you have to do is choose one from the many options available! Here are a few interesting ones:
  • Illusion of see-through Garage Door: A garage door made of see-through glass sounds interesting, but in reality it isn’t a great idea. From the garage door openers to the security part, it is not an intelligent choice. But, why not play a prank on the people visiting you or passing by your home. Why not make them think you own an Audi? Nobody needs to know what you own, but no one would get hurt if they thought you own an Audi! Just ensure that the sticker you use to play the prank can be cleaned with water.
  • Illusion of a Hanger: A hanger is where all the airplanes are parked! So, why not try to create one? This is not possible with a small garage. Your garage has to have at least three doors, or one door and two side walls. Basically, you need to have enough area to put up a life-like poster of an airplane. Depending on the size of your garage, you can go for a huge jet or maybe the smaller airplanes!
  • A Beach in the Garage: Who does not love the beautiful beach! Sand, sun and fun! Get a sticker (real life-like) of a relaxing beach scenario. The options are numerous; all you need to do is find one that can get everyone’s imagination in motion.
  • Croc in the House: Who would not like added security? So, why not own a crocodile? Shocked? No need to be! We are not saying to adopt one! Add a sticker of a menacing crocodile or a tiger. Imagine the shock of anyone who ventures too close to your garage door, especially in the dark! The scare is sure to keep robbers away.
  • A Stone Wall: Everybody loves a stone wall. Find a life-like sticker of a stone wall and add it to the garage door. It is sure to enhance the elegance of your property!
  1. Make your Garage Doors a Canvas to Draw & Paint: Do you have a streak of creativity that involves drawing and painting? If you do, then you could create an art piece over the garage door, or ask a professional to do it! It is your choice. Such a garage door is sure to bring surprising vibrancy for your home. It looks beautiful, catching the attention of guests, neighbours and everybody around you. Here are a few options for you:
  • Graffiti: Why not paint a mind-boggling graffiti over the garage door, or may be the whole garage front portion? It will add a different layer of beauty to your property, increasing your home’s street appeal by leaps and bounds.
  • Painting: A scenery or anything that your imagine calls for! Let your brush and paints do the talking. Onlookers will be left mesmerized. Who would have thought that a garage door could become a canvas for an art masterpiece? Just paint to your heart’s content to turn a mundane garage door into your painting canvas!
  1. Front or Back Porch and Garage: Why not add a whole porch on the exterior of your garage door? You can enjoy a cup of coffee standing on the porch. But, imagine the surprise, when someone sees the porch going up (with the door) to reveal the garage behind it. Just ensure that nobody is there on the porch, while you are opening the door.

We have provided you with some amazing plans and ideas. Now you have to get to work and implement the one that you love. Add in some personal creativity and you will have a garage door that is nothing short of a “masterpiece”. Just make sure that your garage can sustain all the work. Match it to your home’s exterior and you will have a property that is aesthetically beautiful and enhances the curb appeal of your home.

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