What is the Need for Insulation?

Insulation is among the most important comfort measures that has improved especially in recent years. With the level of global warming on the rise, the natural temperature regulation of the atmosphere is deteriorating day by day. The earth’s temperature is also rising and this is not a good sign.

Insulation helps you to protect yourself and your home from environmental situations such as heat waves because it helps to create moderate conditions that lead to balanced temperatures in your house. If it is too hot outside, your room will be cool; while if it is cool, then the room will be warm. The ability of a room to regulate temperature will ultimately depend on the kind of insulation you will install. Proper insulation results in energy efficiency because the insulation material does all the required cooling and heating of the room.

Different insulation materials will have different costs of installation, so the choice you make will be dependent on your budget constraints.You can carry out the installation process at any point in time, whether or not you stated it early on. The materials are also in different shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind though that it is easier to work with new houses by using professional means, but older houses are a little difficult because of the model and the age. However, it is not impossible, as you can still insulate older houses as well. We have written on the different types of insulation materials you can get at Dwnye, along with their benefits.

 Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

This is the most common insulation in homes. As the name suggests, it is made up of a combination of minute glass fibres and plastic. The plastic has an important role – giving additional strength to the insulation.

Both of them improve insulation abilities at very high levels. You can get this type in form of bats and rolls. Its major advantage is that you can use it anywhere, for instance in an uncompleted wall, the ceiling or the floor. You can also fix it in the studs or beams, and this ensures further protection against adverse weather elements. Another advantage it has you can use the roll form throughout the walls of your house. This makes it suitable for areas such as the attic and narrow spaces.

There is little doubt that the material is perfect for insulation, but like all good things, there is a drawback – the fibre within the material can cause irritation to your skin and lungs. Therefore, during the installation process, it is best to stay away or take breaks. What makes it popular though is that the material is non-flammable and has a high resistance to moisture. The Dwnye is a good place to get this material, and they will also assist you with stone paving services.

Foam insulation

Foam insulation

This is another effective insulation that many house owners prefer. They are very easy to install, while remaining effective enough to help insulate the house from adverse weather conditions.

This insulation form is actually a foam spray. You can get it in two types, these are:

  1. Spray foam: This type of foam is sprayed on the walls of an ongoing construction. They are also used in crawl spaces, joists, and attics in their liquid form. When sprayed, the foam expands in the spaces and fills in the whole area. The result is a firm sealing that does not allow outside weather conditions to penetrate, which helps in the atmosphere regulation.
  1. Injection foam: if the home is already finished, this foam is used. The foam is injected into the walls or ceilings, which expands and fills in the empty spaces. The injection is basically done from the outer wall. The houses are also drilled at certain places, which creates space where you can inject the holes are then refilled with mortar.

The most important advantage of foam is that you can use it to insulate homes that are still under construction as well as homes that are already done.

Cellulose insulation

Cellulose insulation

If you are devoted to nature and love eco-friendly materials, then this the option for you. A cellulose insulation is made up of recycled paper.

With this, you are also saving your family from various kinds of health problems. While recycled paper makes up the material, it is also treated with some chemicals to give it a better resistance against moisture and pests. The chemicals used here are boric acid and ammonium sulfate, which also make it inflammable.

There are two methods of cellulose installation that Dwnye uses. The first method is blown-in – in this method, the cellulose can be blown in the attic with the help of a machine. The cellulose has to be continuously supplied to the machine for it to be applied perfectly.

The other method is dense packing; this is simple compared to the previous method, as you can just spray it in the areas you want to insulate. This makes it useful for irregular shapes that can be hard to work with normally, such as small cracks in walls.

Mineral wool insulation

Mineral wool insulation

These materials are very similar to fiberglass because of many factors. However, in terms of their cost, it is a more expensive material and is also rarely available in the market. It does have an advantage though – mainly that it can withstand very high temperatures.


Insulation is very important in maintaining the comfort of your house, so to make sure that you are not a victim of the changes in external environmental temperatures, then you need to make sure you insulate your home. Well, while choosing the material, make sure you utilize the assistance of a professional. This involves asking them questions about the materials you can use, and making sure they are the best choice for your house while also being budget-friendly. However, make the ultimate decision independently, as some professional is likely to recommend the materials that work for them but not for you.

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