Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Human Manpower?

With the increasing expansion of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, there is a prevalent debate about the future of human manpower. As Google’s former executive Kai-Fu lee speculated that in the next fifteen years 40 % of human-run jobs will be replaced by robots. It has triggered serious concerns among the workforce across various sectors regarding their unpredictable future.

But the real question is whether it is really that easy to substitute human jobs with robots? But we need to compare first, and understand how human and Artificial Intelligence function?

No doubt speed of execution with AI will be much faster than human intelligence analyzes the task. Also with Artificial Intelligence precision is assured. Besides no robot will be biased as a human can be. Despite all the great benefits of AI technology, there are still some striking differences in the nature of human vs. robotic functions that make such a decline in human-operated jobs highly questionable. Just because something can be possibly done, doesn’t guarantee its success.

Humans learn various skills from a multitude of experiences gathered throughout the lifetime and from all over the world. They have an active imagination that can keep on processing all those ideas observed from its surroundings to help in the decision-making process.

On the other hand, robots lack this capability. They can only process facts they are being trained with. It doesn’t mean that AI technology has no future, and robotics can take over many jobs across different business sectors. But imagining them having a major share is an exaggeration.

It might take over jobs requiring repetitive functions such as database entry, customer services or ones involved in the financial sector. But they just can’t replace those involving human imagination. Let’s take a look at different professions and how robots can jeopardize the future of human manpower.


Who would like to hear a speech delivered by a robot? Who can be interested in knowing a robot’s future public policies? None. Seasoned politicians delivering fiery speeches shall always be in the limelight and nobody would like to see an emotionless entity in their place.

Teachers and Professors

No matter how accurate information a robot posses it can’t give a situation to situation analysis with all its sophistication. It can deliver lectures but can’t develop real contact with the student to make them understand things.

Doctors and Nurses

A robot can diagnose much faster than a human and can process numerous cases at the same time. But it will always lack empathy for the people involved in the medical profession. A human would always like to discuss their physical well being with another human.

Scientists and philosophers

Any walk of life that involves human ideas can’t be replaced by Artificial intelligence. Science and philosophy are fields that involve rigorous debate of ideas. Therefore it’s not possible to expect the same from a technology-driven machine.

And the list goes on…

These were just a few professions to develop a vague idea about the expansion of robotic takeover of human manpower positions. But the non-professional workforce shall certainly be disturbed by it. Sales professionals, bus/taxi drivers, or sports coaches can all be our friendly-looking robots. But wherever empathy is needed no technological innovation can take over.

The bottom line is…

People in the old-age homes would like to watch videos on their smartphones, share pics with kids, or order food online. But they still need a human to share their hearts with. One thing that makes humans stand apart from any such invention is empathy and emotions. Artificial technology is becoming a need of time. Both human and artificial intelligence can coexist but conceiving it as something that will oust humans from the workforce is unrealistic.

After all its human intelligence that is the creator of artificial intelligence!

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