Is Parquet Flooring Still in Style?

The word parquet is originally French and means a small compartment. In essence, this sums up this type of flooring perfectly. Parquet flooring is small pieces of wood that are placed together to create a mosaic on your floor. They can be set in a variety of patterns to create distinctive and intriguing styles.

Interestingly the flooring doesn’t need to be angular, each piece can be curved or even triangular to create the desired effect.

While it is possible to purchase parquet flooring in a standard format, depending on your budget you can opt for a unique design. You’ll be guaranteed to have a floor like no other.

Parquet flooring actually originated in the late 17th century. It was an alternative to marble flooring because marble flooring needed to be washed regularly. This resulted in the water getting under the marble floor and rotting the wooden supporting joists.

Parquet flooring became a popular alternative because it needed sweeping and occasionally light mopping, preventing damage from occurring to the joists.

Is It Still In Style Today

Times change and technology develops, it is now possible to have marble flooring and do most of the cleaning without introducing water to the floor or the joists below it.

But, that doesn’t mean that parquet flooring is no longer relevant.

The short answer is yes, it’s still in style and is likely to be for many years to come. Here are a few reasons why it remains so popular:


Parquet is wood. Once the floor is installed it looks fantastic but, because it is made of wood, it is also very hard-wearing. This type of flooring is hard to scratch and ages very well.

If you do happen to scratch or even gouge it, you can sand the top layer of the wood down and re-polish it. Creating the look of a new floor at virtually no cost. That’s how it can last for years.


Parquet flooring can be bought in a standard pattern, which is an attractive and practical choice. However, because it is small pieces you can create any pattern you wish on your floor. In other words, your floor can be unique, reflecting your personality and that of your home.

Alongside this, the colors and tones of the wood ensure that even two identically installed floors will not look exactly the same.

Keeping It Clean

You don’t need to spend hours cleaning or protecting your parquet floor. Twice a year it should be re-polished or waxed. This creates a seal that prevents damp from getting into the wood. Other than this, you’ll need to sweep it regularly, preferably with a microfiber cloth.

This will attract dust. It can be vacuumed occasionally with an appropriate attachment and you can also mop it to maintain the shine. However, when mopping it’s best to use as little water as possible.

Don’t forget, parquet flooring is hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for any home. That’s a big plus which is often overlooked.

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