Life Hack: Seven Ways to Cut Your Monthly Expenses

Earning is a hard thing? Sure. Spending is fun? No doubt! But what about the measure we take to ensure that we stay healthy on a budget? Now that is what I call the most tricky thing to do. A friend of mine claims that staying healthy on a budget is as challenging as staying healthy physically in these times and I totally agree. Expenses like electricity can’t be avoided, it is a necessary expense, but you can reduce your monthly bills. A great alternative is to look for light companies with no deposit, some no deposit plans are prepaid energy plans, and some are not. You can adjust to one of the options depending on your needs and your budget.

Since I was a kid, my parents use to tell me how much it is essential to live in the balance, that is to spend in moderation, not too much or not too little, but it was difficult to understand back then. When I started my college and a job, things become clear to me and life taught me so much about the balance I was once lectured about.

Following are the seven ways to cut your monthly expense and stay healthy on a budget.


Eating out, take away or calling for delivery is the new trend but think before being part of a herd. Is it really what you want? You may be a busy bee but consider the amount of money you are investing in the food that may appear to be the answer at that time but it is not, and the trouble it brings with it for your health is out of the question.

Cooking at home reduces your expenses to 50% and the amount and trouble you save yourself from the hospital cannot be accumulated.


Next time when you enter your house, please do ask yourself about the WiFi that was connected even when there was no one in the house or before paying for the mobile bill of ours, do ask is that the right package you signed for yourself?

Do connect your wiFi when you are home, sign up for a more expensive package if you need to but if not then do not waste your money that came with your own sweat and blood. Spend your money as it is your own, be a wiseacre!


Habits like smoking and too much drinking is more harmful than you think it could be. One glass of your favorite wine occasionally is fine, but having it regularly and too much is dangerous for your health and for and your budget.

Next time when you are reaching for a glass of alcohol or a packet of cigarette, estimate its yearly cost, and that will be enough motivation for you if you really like to see you save and safe.


We earn to live a comforting and luxurious life but at what cost? Driving to your office will bring up that respect that you always craved for, but that is not the only way to be respected by others, try some other good ideas for that purpose and carpool to work to save up some bucks for some other worthy things.


We often find ourselves intimidated by a salesperson or that friend who keeps on bragging the benefits of having a membership of a gym, club or resort and ends up getting ourselves one.

Going to the gym is good for your health and mind, and I suggest you to be fit but do you really wish to pay someone every month even when you are not visiting that place? Going to the club and resort with your friends or family is better for your bond, but if you are not utilizing it, then it is of no worth.

Sign up for things that you know you are going to use and distance yourself with things that you think will bring you harm.


Hobbies are useful when it is making you creative, but they are even better when you are getting some monetary benefits from it. Plant some mint, pepper or other herbs that you can. This way your house will be enhanced in its beauty, and you will have some fresh ingredients that will save you some money and will increase the taste of your food.


You must be thinking that the lady is crazy, but she is not, trust her with this one. Treating yourself with few bucks will keep you motivated enough to stop you spending on unnecessary things in the name of self-care.

Keep an allowance assigned for yourself but use it at the end of the month so that your entire month will remain up to the budgeting plan.

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