How to Manage Real Estate Sales with Cloud Based ERP

Managing your real estate sales is a hard work, and the recommended option is to use ERP software, but since they are expensive, choosing the correct one to administrate your real estate activities is not as easy task. And once you get one, there’s a whole world to learn that runs according to the software you’ve chosen. So, we want now to go through the main things to have in mind and face a new world of sales management. Here’s the ABC on how to manage real estate sales with cloud based ERP.

The basics

If you have invested in real estate, or manage a company that dedicates to the area, and now want to manage your sales and activities, ERP software is a solution worth checking. What is ERP software? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it’s computer software created for any kind of managing tasks. What does it mean when it says it is cloud based? It means its database is stored in a remote memory or disk storage that you can access through the Internet. Yes, just like when you use the backup options in your cellphone when you want to keep things safe. Same deal here, but this time, if you want to access to the information stored, you need a special software. And since there are tons of options to choose, you have to make sure you buy the ideal one for you.

How to choose the cloud based ERP software?

Your requirements are two. First, it has to be cloud based so you can save a whole investment in computing infrastructure like data servers, as they are provided by the software company, or IT support, which is also provided by the software developers (and if it doesn’t, maybe you are not considering the right choice). And since the software is stored in the cloud, there are a few differences you should learn, and claim them if they are not being offered to you in the moment of the purchase. Cloud based ERP software is stored in the Internet, so it is physically located in the cloud, such as the data it stores. When you buy it, you are acquiring a service. Be prepared to pay monthly for your tools, and not upfront like you may be used to. But getting cloud based ERP software into your company is a way to grow much bigger. From it you can handle any amount of builders, contractors, actions and possible scenarios to make your decisions without going too far away from the screen. Have in mind though, that organizing the new structure may take a few months. The second requirement takes your experience to this field. You have to make sure every need you have to cover has a function in the software. You can do this by calling each available support line and interviewing the developers.

What you should do once you have it

Since we’re talking on how to manage real estate sales with cloud base ERP, it is time to talk about your activities and sales. With this software you can monitor your cash flow, and that’s the first thing you should start doing once you get it. Here you should be able to create financial records, trace every income and outcome, track your clients and vendors, see the state of your taxes, trace your inventory and get reports to organize the day-by-day activities. Nothing should escape from your hands.

Possible scenarios

Imagining possible scenarios is a very useful way to make better decisions, and with your ERP software you will. Use the tools it provides you to monitor your costs and think ahead of future situations with all the numbers you need in front of you. You can also schedule every activity step by step so nothing fails. You can store all the documents you use there too, so no information escapes from your needs. In the meantime you focus on sales. Being creative is a big part of this game, but the tools are all there for you. Need to cost future projects to estimate how much to spend? In the database you should have every piece you need, from materials to contractors, and the times and deadlines needed. This is a tool to make no mistakes.

Don’t depend on brokers anymore

The real estate business that used to exist usually depended on brokers. Now the times have changed and it doesn’t, so if you feel like that, then it is your moment to change too. With ERP software you can be in control of every situation happening and every piece of your business so you only depend of your decisions. Every project is in your cloud, and that means it’s in your sight. You can calculate the profitability, the possible negative cases that may happen, and what you want you vendors to do about it. And what happens with third party members, like contractors? You include them in your database too, so this way you feel they work for you. Track their availabilities, their fares and costs and calculate your conveniences with it. If you are still asking yourself how to manage real estate sales with cloud based ERP, the answer is in being creative with the given tools.

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