Marketing Strategy for D2C Brands: A Complete Guide

The D2C eCommerce sales in the United States market will reach $175 billion by 2023.

Staggering numbers, right?

And these numbers are going to rise in the coming years because of the popularity of the D2C business model approach.

In the competitive scenario having a solid D2C marketing strategy has become necessary for business.

Building a sound online presence and establishing solid customer relationships is what D2C brands aim for with their marketing tactics.

But things are not simple and crystal clear when implementing a solid D2C marketing strategy.

Because of the low entry barrier, if you are planning to step into the eCommerce arena with a D2C approach, here are a few marketing strategies that can assist you to stand out while competing with retail giants.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Result-Oriented D2C Marketing Strategies

Multiple D2C marketing strategies can help you strengthen your D2C brand. But here are a few selected approaches that can significantly impact your success.

1. Lead Generation And Lead Nurturing

D2C brands need to use powerful techniques for lead generation and lead nurturing to ensure they can attract the target audience and increase their sales.

The focus of the D2C brands should be on building a customer base and customer retention for long sustainability and scalability.

Lead generation can help the brand attract and convert the target prospects into qualified leads using tactics like online advertisements, offline advertisements, online content, and the brand’s live event.

When it comes to lead nurturing, the business should build relationships with the prospect at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Different tactics like discounts, special offers, and personalized experiences can ensure solid lead nurturing.

Here are a few vital elements that you need to include with your lead generations and capturing strategy:

● Focus on the offer

A great starting point to hook your prospects into becoming qualified leads is a great quality offer from your brand. Multiple options available to the customer can help you stand out from the rest in the niche.

A free sign-up bonus, discount, a free ebook, or other downloadable assets that can add value to the life of your target audience is a must-have.

● A frictionless process

You need to simplify the sign-up process and remove the distractions and complicated steps. A minimal friction sign-up form can help you increase the lead generation number and give a quality experience to the users.

● Follow-up plan

You need to think and work on the post-sign-up action. You can’t leave the customer high and dry once they show interest in sign-up as your lead. Provide them with what you promised, and ensure you connect with them regularly once you get their contact information.

Talking about follow-up plans, there’s nothing better for a D2C brand than having email marketing in its arsenal.

2. Email Marketing

According to Campaign Monitor, the average ROI that email marketing generates is $38 for every $1 spent. It’s one of the highest ROI generators for marketers, and a D2C brand can’t miss out on this.

Focus on building a robust email nurturing sequence that enables you to stay connected with your leads for longer.

Consistent trust-building and quality relationships with your customers over emails can help channel them to the buying stage of the sales funnel.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing asset which makes it important to use it wisely. You need to remember a few elements while creating your brand’s email marketing campaign.

● Great copy and visuals

You need to create an engaging and powerful email marketing campaign to help you deliver your message effectively. Work on the copywriting tactics and the design element of your email for better results.

A/B multiple copies and designs to spot the winner and market to your email list.

● Updated email list

Filter your email list regularly and maintain a quality, correct, and up-to-date email list. It can help you lower the unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, and missed conversion opportunities.

● Data matters

The wider the horizon of your data on your leads and contacts, the better results you can extract from your email campaigns. Organize and collect data from the latest advanced tools, research, and other aspects to be crystal clear about the pain points, desires, and different elements of your email contacts.

3. Influencer Marketing And Branded Content

When people purchase a product online, they can’t feel or touch it. So marketers need to ensure that branded content builds trust and makes them feel comfortable with the buying decision.

Hiring professional writers and strategists can help create a content marketing strategy that keeps the brand’s professional voice and tone.

Also, influencer marketing has emerged with the rise of social media. By 2024, the influencer marketing industry will reach $24 billion.

D2C brands need to select the right influencer that can align with their niche and has an audience similar to what the brand is targeting. It can help to optimize the influencer marketing campaign and deliver the desired results.

Tip: Focusing on multiple nano or micro-influencers can work great for new D2C brands instead of targeting the high-end influencers.

4. SEO

SEO can play a decisive role in the long-term goals of the D2C brand and can help achieve scalable growth. With the increase in saturation in SEO, you need to tailor a smart SEO strategy that can leave a mark in the noise and busy search environment.

Apart from in-depth keyword research, here are a few suggestions that can help to amplify the SEO results.

● Backlinks

Backlinks are the core components for deciding the SEO score of a website. You can try to get quality do-follow backlinks from the leading website with greater domain authority to establish your D2C brands.

Cold emails, effective outreach, and guest posting are some examples of getting quality backlinks.

● Internal linking

Create a web of internal linking on your website with high-quality blogs. Blend a mixture of high-volume, LSI, and quality keywords found using KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) techniques in your articles with internal links to other articles.

It can help to increase the organic traffic numbers and channel the audience to other blogs.

● SEO tools

Invest in powerful SEO tools to help you remain on top of your SEO strategy. Analyze results and optimize the SEO approach for great long-term benefits.

● Polishing your old content

Focus on polishing your old content once you have over 1 lakh words on your website. It can help you keep the blogs’ freshness intact and help sustain the traffic numbers for a longer time.

It’s Time To Market Your D2C Brand

Using a powerful D2C marketing strategy can help a brand sustain in the competitive market and scale the business to new heights.

Connecting the brand with the customers is the marketing strategy’s prime focus, and we hope that the above-listed strategies add value to your marketing planning.

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