Menstrual Cups for Women: Importance and Difference Between Reusable and Disposable Menstrual Cups

Women go through the phase of the menstrual cycle from the age of 15-45. All women use different sanitary napkins or cloth. This is done in order to make it convenient for them to keep working the whole day long. The menstrual cycle is different for all the women. But normally the menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of the first period to the first day of the second period. The menstrual cycle may occur after every 25, 27 or 35 days. The duration of the cycle lasts from 2 days to a whole long week. For your information, during the first few years, the menstrual cycles are generally long. For more information on the menstrual cycle, you can surf the internet and get the relevant information in detail.

Moving forward to the menstrual cup, it is a product that is inserted into the vagina during the menstrual cycle. The main purpose of this product is to prevent the menstrual blood to leak onto the clothes you are wearing. In the current scenario, women go for jobs even during menstruation. There is always a fear of blood stains to women during the menstrual period. These menstrual cups help to prevent blood stains and it also prevents leaking of blood onto clothes.

A menstrual cup is a flexible, small funnel-shaped cup which is made up of rubber or silicon material. This is inserted into the vagina to collect and catch the period fluid. These cups can hold more material than any other methods or products available in the market. This is also an eco- friendly technique used by a number of women all around the world.

There are a number of manufacturing units which manufacture disposable and reusable cups. It depends on your affordability and choice in selecting the right menstrual cup for you. You can either go for a disposable (Diva Cup) or a reusable (Soft Cup). You can get these menstrual cups in the market readily. But, it is advisable for all to go for online sites for the best prices and hassle-free shopping. Both the cups will be useful in their own ways and you simply have to select the best one for you.

Following points will make it easy for you to choose the right menstrual cup for you:

Disposable Menstrual Cups:

  • These menstrual cups are manufactured for single use only.
  • If you are using this as a sole period protection product, it may be highly costly.
  • It is comfortable and fits right below the cervix.
  • It has a flat and a flexible disc.
  • If you apply the disposable cup, you can get indulged in penetrative sex.
  • These cups are popular and traditionally used in many countries during the menstrual cycle.

Reusable Menstrual Cups:

  • These menstrual cups are manufactured for a purpose where you can use them for years and years long.
  • These menstrual cups are eco- friendly.
  • You can buy them as they are affordable for the period of protection.
  • The fitting is comfortable and fits in the vaginal canal.
  • These menstrual cups have a firm cylinder that is made of silicon. The material used is of medical grade.
  • These menstrual cups are not to be used during intercourse.
  • With the emergence of technology and innovation, these cups have been manufactured.
  • You have a requirement to replace these menstrual cups after a year or two.

Now that you know about both the menstrual cups, you can choose the best one for yourself. It is advisable for all to use these and if you like them, do recommend them further. These are safe and easy to use.

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