Women Trending Outfit Ideas: Shorts over Leggings

One of the cool fashion objects that are becoming more stylish in modern days is the leggings. If you pay attention to the top, shoes, and accessories then many outfits will go well with them. There is a fashion of wearing the shorts over leggings in women these days and believe us it looks nice.

Many people have the opinion that shorts should can only be worn under tights and not with leggings. The pairing of both shorts and leggings looks odd according to some people but it is wrong, it definitely looks good.

If someone likes to wear very short shorts without leggings then it follows that by the addition of leggings to it will be a bonus for sure. It indicates some level of humility but in a cute and stylish manner. You are able to wear varying lengths with the leggings and it is an advantage of it. You can also wear flip-flops, some of which are not possible to pair with tights.


Many ladies particularly young girls favor Short skirts over leggings. There is not much difference between a mini and shorts and the only major variation is that shorts will be more comfortable especially when bending or sitting.

The shorts and leggings are ideal for ladies who like shorts but will never wear the latter alone. They can also wear the combination when there is too much cold.

Wear the Right Outfit in the Right Occasions

wear shorts with leggings

Not all women will like to wear shorts with leggings and also not all occasions are perfect for the pairing. If you think that people are going to laugh on you or they won’t like your dressing in this combination then better choose some other clothing.

You can avoid wearing this combination when you are in business and formal occasions. The weddings, interviews and other business meetings are the places to avoid the combination of shorts over leggings. The places such as pubs, dances, schools, and colleges are suitable for this outfit.

Wear the Right Top

Wear the Right Top 

You might be having a very nice top that could go well with your leggings but if it is too short to cover your bottom then it may be inappropriate. A sweater or mini skirt can also bridge the gap and a good pair of shorts are also appropriate.

If you wear the shirts that seem to obscure the shorts then it will create the impression that your shorts are faulty. If you wear a long top then choose a button-down like a cardigan or a shirt. You shouldn’t go for tunics or peplums.

Be Ready to Stun 

Be Ready to Stun

When you go out, you should be full of confidence. If you feel that people will mock you or you are likely to get embarrassed when people stare at you then you are probably wearing the wrong outfit. When you sit down, be sure that you show the people around you that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

One of the keys to look stylish and elegant is to have inner confidence. If you are wearing some different clothing that is very unique but lacking confidence then all your efforts, time and money will get wasted. So, have confidence when you wear unique clothes next time.

Keep Things Simple 

Keep Things Simple 

The color and type of top will depend on the pattern and theme of your leggings. You shouldn’t wear the bright top and shorts if the leggings are dark. Try to closely match your shirt to the hosiery if the leggings and shorts are in contrasting shades.

Wear the right size and style of shorts

Wear the right size and style of shorts 

Avoid legwear that is transparent if the shorts are too short. Select the leggings that are thick and opaque. If you find that the leggings are translucent then make sure that your shorts are long enough.

So, these were some tips and ideas for wearing Shorts Over Leggings. Next time, when you are going to attend any party or college night then try out this special combination of shorts and leggings and attract the attention of everyone out there. Also, make sure that you have chosen the right color contrast of shorts and leggings such that it looks good. For more outfits ideas you can find it in Fashionterest.

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