7 Most Expensive Horse Breeds

There is no denying that horses are exquisite and are one of the most loved animals in the world. Horses are renowned for being excellent runners and have been used for riding long distances since the ancient years.

Horses are generally pet animals, but having one as a pet might cost you a small fortune. I think it would be very safe to say that not everybody can afford having a horse as their pet. On the other hand for people belonging to the lower income sections, horses can prove to be a valuable source of income.

Horses with their running ability, stamina, graceful movements and size have given birth to many riding based sports. This majestic animal comes in various breeds and depending on their breed the costs differ. Of course there are a few breeds of horses, which scream nothing but luxury. Here is a list of the top ten most expensive horse breeds in the world.

What is the Most Expensive Horse Breed

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse breed is the most expensive horse breed in the world. This breed has its origin from the Arabian Peninsula and is dated to be the oldest breed of horses from around 4,500 years back. The height of this breed of horses ranges from around 55 to 60 inches.

The Arabian horse breed is so beautiful that it always stands out from a crowd. It is natural to be curious about the distinctive features of this horse. Well, the Arabian horse is unique in terms of having a large tail and quite unique head shape. Their strong bones and strength help them to be outstanding runners.

Arabian horses are now spread around the world in places including United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia. They are well known for their fantastic performance in activities like show jumping, endurance riding, reining and riding.

Thoroughbred Horse

The thoroughbred horse is definitely one of the most well-known horse breeds in the world. Their physical structure is slim and they have strong muscles. Speed, sharp alertness and good spirit are qualities, which make the thoroughbred horse breed ideal for racing competitions.

This breed of horse is also known to be “hot-blooded”. It is believed that this breed of horses have been developed sometime between the 17th century and 18th century. The Thoroughbred horses are mainly found in Hungary, Poland, Russia and Germany.

The height of these horses ranges from 63 to 67 inches. They come in different attractive colours like grey, black, chestnut, brown and bay. Thoroughbred horses are mainly used in polo, dressage, combined training and show jumping.

Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse breed is well-known for its qualities in barrel racing and jumping. Horses belonging to this breed are considered good racers and have a running speed of around 88.5 km/hr. Their height ranges from 58 to 63 inches and apart from the regular colours like brown and black they are also found in the red roan.

The Quarter horse, in fact comes in two different body types, which is the racing type and stock type. The racing type has smooth muscles and are relatively taller, while the stock type are relatively short and hold string muscles. It is a very famous breed in the US and their great demand has made them quite expensive now.

Paint Horse

The Paint horse breed has different colour coatings like black, chestnut, brown and white.

The Paint Horse has many uses like reining, western pleasure, show jumping and western events. The height of these horses ranges from 60 inches to 65 inches. These horses are mainly used in sports and racing, which is why they are in greater demand.

Mustang Horse

The Mustang Horse breed is originally from Spain and are being brought to America. They are quite popular and are also called as wild horses. The Mustang breed of horses are one of the stable breed of horses in the world. The height of these breed of horses ranges from about 55 to 60 inches.

Their abilities include having good stamina and great running speed. They are expensive, because they are used for riding long distance and carrying various materials. Due to the unfortunate threat posed to the mustang horse, a law was adopted in the year 2015 for their preservation.

Friesian Horse

They might as well declare, the Friesian horse breed as one of the most charming looking horse breeds in the world. The Friesian horse breed were widely used as the war horses in Europe during the Middle Age. They originate from Friesland, in the Netherlands.

This horse breed was once found in larger numbers especially during the Ancient and Middle Age, but is now at threat. The Friesian horse has a full coating, coloured in chestnut and holds an average height about 61 to 65 inches. This breed of horses looks quite aesthetically pleasing with their long feathery tail. The Friesian horses are indeed movie stars as they have starred in many movies. All the more reason why it is one of the more expensive horse breeds in the world.

Their beautiful coat demands to be maintained. Similar to every pet horse this breed requires equal amount of care and attention. Provide them with good nourishment and use only the best horse clippers for its coat. As horses are most liked for their alluring appearance.

Appaloosa Horse

The Appaloosa horse has a colourful spotted coat and is a strong breed used purposefully in sports. It is an attractive looking horse due to it coating, which is similar to a leopard’s coat. The height of these horses ranges from 58 inches to 63 inches and the weight ranges from 450 to 550 kg.

These horse breeds are extensively used in roping, reining and cutting. They are also used for fox hunting, show jumping and in various events. Their wide uses have led them to the category of expensive horse breeds.

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