5 Most Popular Online Games Genres Right Now

In the past few decades, a lot has changed in the world of gaming. The gaming industry is booming by establishing its necessary space online. The industry is growing at multiple times the rate of the overall economy. These used to be few games earlier but now the games are organized by the characteristics, the purpose of playing and most importantly with different genres. Many major companies are launching and investing in online games which are also bringing together gamers from every part of the world.

The gaming industry has always been about innovations, experiences, new technology, and popular genres. Every avid gaming user is addicted to some or many genres, out which some have become major trends in the gaming market of the world. Most popular games are only made under these genres as they capture the interests and major share of the gaming market.

Here are the 5 most popular online games genres right now: 

  1. Action Games:

Action is one of the most popular game genres in the world. It has been popular from a very long time. Even the Romans were fond of seeing their gladiators fighting in the arenas. And today, the children from a very young age are enthusiastic and amazed to play action games.

The games from this genre challenge the player, his reaction time, reflexes and most importantly the hand to eye coordination. The best action games are those which consists of the best of everything and delivers a unique gaming experience. The action game developers have been playing around with this genre a lot and have branched it out to various sub-genres as well.

Some of the most popular online action games include the apple Shooter, Dad n Me, dynasty street, raze, etc. These are some of the most fun action games which are being played by the top gamers around the world.

  1. Sports games:

This genre also arose early in the history of gaming and is also considered the second most or equally popular genre in the history of gaming. Sports have been the most fun activity which is enjoyed the children and adults of every age. Online sports games are stimulating traditional physical sports like real-world sports. In online games, the opposite team is controlled by the real-life people on the other end or by artificial intelligence (AI).

Car and bike racing, football, cricket, and stunt games are some common types of sports games. The most popular games of this genre are flick headers Euro 2012, coal express 4, Superbike GP, etc.

  1. Fighting games:

The fighting game genre has always been the stronghold in the gaming industry. These games are recognized all over the world and the genre is undoubtedly here to stay for a long time. The fighting games genre has been growing exponentially, which only has been made possible through innovation and competition.

Some of the most popular fighting games include 2D- Knockout, ninja Assault, Samurai warrior, chaos faction, etc. 

  1. Strategy games:

Surpassing various genres, strategy gaming has made its place in the gaming industry. These games are for the brainiacs who love to scratch their mind. The players are in control of the environment and their units to defeat their enemies. The players secure key areas in the map to build, more population units and military in the game.

There are two types of strategy gaming, which are the real-time strategy and turn-based strategy. Mainlands Wars, Dungeon breaker, Mardek Chapter 1 are some of the famous strategy online games. 

  1. Shooting games:

Research has shown that playing shooting games improves the brain functions, learning skills, and cognitive abilities of the players. The hand-eye coordination is improved by playing the first-person games and helps in the decision-making process.

Even though gaming is bashed by some parts of the society but no one can escape the truth where it also helps children and adults to improve various abilities.


As the game industry will grow rapidly and exponentially, various free online games and genres will continue to evolve. There are going to be more complex gaming environments online in the future, as the virtual and augmented reality technologies become more mainstream in the gaming industry.

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