7 Most Popular Password Cracking Tools

A password is a key closer to your heart and head than any of your other secrets!

Today the world is digitally progressing; therefore, everyone has a dependency on their passwords. They ensure it is strong, easily recallable, but not predictable by anyone. Still, there are many tools available for hacking into your comfort zone and cunningly breaking the secured password bubble.

What is the Password Cracking Practice?

Password cracking is gaining unauthorized access to restricted data transmissions using a procedure with common passwords or algorithms. In other words, it’s a skill of obtaining the correct secret data from stored locations that provide the right to use assistant, protected by a verification method.

In penetration analysis, it is used to inspect the security of a platform. The ethical password hacking technique is an integral part of digital forensics–

Passwords are not saved as mere text in the modern age. Every web portal uses a complex hashing algorithm to encrypt and manage a passcode.

The primary method, try to log in by using the usual mix of letters, which might be useful. However, this doesn’t stand against a complicated password with numbers, special characters, or a strong arrangement of words therein. The tools require a longer time to hack the password combination.

The programming field has developed various password cracking; all of them have individual pros and cons.

Further in this article, we’ll brace you with the 7 most popular password cracking tools:-

1. Air-cracking

One of the best password hacking tools used ethically, Air-crack ng, is a dynamic software package that has a tool termed aircraft to assist hackers in cracking WPA or WEP passwords. After studying the encrypted keyword packets, Aircrack uses its cracking algorithm to break the passwords.

2. Rainbow Crack

As the name suggests, this tool uses the Rainbow table to crack password hashes using a massive scale time memory changeover. Rainbow crack performs in advance tracking time computation, according to your convenience, you are free to use the command line or graphical interface of rainbow crack.

Once this process is done, you will realize how this tool is much faster than the brute-force attack!

Developers have already prepared rainbow tables for LM m t LM md5 and Sha-1, available for free.

3. Cain And Abel

This popular password cracking tool is dependable software that can be used for recovering various types of passwords using multiple methods.

Cain and Abel allows you to perform cryptanalysis, Dictionary and Brute-force attacks feasibly, to crack complex passcode this multipurpose hacking tool also has features to swift the network’s record-

  • Decode broken passwords
  • Recover network keys
  • Analyze routing protocols

4. John The Ripper

Being an open-source and display independent tool, it is easy to crack into weak passwords dealing under Mac Os X, Linux, and UNIX. It has a customizable cracker and is chiefly encrypted in C programming.

It is a useful tool for hash cracking, which eventually leads to the password text. The new advanced packages of John the Ripper has the skill to elbow detect all zip and raw password cracking process which has the utility to get hash type for any file.

5. THC Hydra

Compared to other tools, THC performs hacking attacks using numerous network protocols inclusive of asterisk FTP, HTTP, Telnet, XMPP, and various other. With the help of these prototypes, THC HYDRA performs superfast brute-force and dictionary attacks against a login page or any web passcodes.

It is beneficial for testers and security researchers to know how easy it would be to gain remote access to a system. You can also participate in the development practice of THC Hydra via its GitHub page.

6. HASH Cat

Hash cat claims to be the fastest and most advanced cracking software presented. Released as open-source software, Hash cat funds over 300 strongly-effective hashing algorithms like md4, md5 Microsoft, Cisco picks, and UNIX. These hash keys are primarily related to password symbols.

Licensed under the MIT license, the Hash cat is both a CPU and GPU based recovery tool. It enables the cracking of most complex passwords in multiple ways collectively with flexibility and swiftness.


This tool has been made excessively useful for digital developers, designers, and users with incremental and dictionary attacks, and to remove passwords from PDF files. Since its “distributed mode” allows you to perform attacks via various systems and crack the same hash for rapid results and that’s how it manages to break a password for you in minutes.

Dave Grohl is an open-source password cracking tool that has been favored by the apple security professionals confronting the traditional hacking. It has an entirely modern purpose-oriented codebase in variant 3.0.

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