What Things Need To Be Checked While Getting Moving Services

The official moving month of the year “May” is here. Home sellers and buyers are busiest these days and so are the “movers”. If you had already decided about the move, you might have already booked the dates as the moving companies are completely booked and tend to ask for higher prices.

Moving from one house to the other is not a piece of cake. It includes a lot of important decisions and hard work. Leaving an old and familiar place is already quite difficult. Over that, you have to think about how things will be moved. Adjustments at the new home are also on your mind. To avoid some of this hassle, hire a reputable residential moving service in Carmel IN.

What makes a residential company trustworthy? Obviously, you will not like the idea of handing over your valuable possessions to a scam. Following are the 11 things you need to check while getting a moving service.

1. Authentic Pricing

The move should not cost you diamonds! That’s a simple and easy rule. Ask for the onsite estimates from five to six companies. This will give you the idea of the cost you will be paying for the move. Don’t fall for the too-good-to-be-true prices as they may be offered by a novice or at worst a scam.

2. Licensed

If you are going to make an intrastate move then the local mover must be licensed by the Indiana Department of Revenue. This organization keeps a check on the published rates and quotes. The United States Department of Transportation provides a license to the interstate movers. Ask for the DOT number for secure relocation to another state.

3. Experience

Movers must be experienced enough to handle your possessions carefully. The domestic appliance needs extra protection while packing. Do not hesitate to ask about their length of service. Be extra careful about the experience when you are moving from one state to another as it will be involving longer distances.

4. Moving Inventory

The company you are entrusting with your luggage must be equipped enough. The moving inventory should be spacious and in good condition. The storage boxes must not be exposed to open air as rain might ruin the cardboard packages (in case you haven’t yet moved to plastic storage boxes).

5. Interstate/ Intrastate Movers

Make sure about the type of service provided by the company before you make the deal. There are certain differences between interstate and intrastate movers in the United States of America. You must hire a law-abiding service provider.

6. Online Reviews and Ratings

Use the power of social media and the internet to find the best moving company in Carmel IN. Surf thoroughly through online reviews and ratings. Read the positive as well as the negative reviews so you might have the idea about what’s down the road. Meeting older customers and seeking references is a far more reliable option than online reviews as they may be bought.

7. Liability Coverage

Emergencies can happen at any time. It is suggested to make sure that your moving company pays for your losses. Even if not the complete liability coverage, but at least a good proportion of the actual price. It greatly depends on the package you are buying. The cheapest deal might be the riskiest as it might land you with bare hands in case of an unfortunate accident or damages.

8. Communication Strategy

A competent company must not be communicating in complex networks. You must be very clear about who to contact in case of emergency.

9. Time Frame for the Service

Ask for the exact time required by the moving company for the transport as delays can unsettle the whole sequence of events you might have planned. The delays can even cost you more money as the temporary storage unit providers have their own charges.

10. Cancellation Policy

Decisions are subject to change depending upon the circumstances. It is good to ask about the cancellation policy of the rented company.

11. Unambiguous Policy

Before trusting any moving services in Carmel IN, ask for the policy document. The policy must be unambiguous and should not have any hidden charges.

Authors Bio:

Jack Felix has worked with a reputable Residential moving service in Carmel IN for many years. He is highly dedicated to provide the right guidance to customers. He believes that a mover’s true success lies in the customers safety and satisfaction.

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