Nausea due to Pregnancy – Causes and limitations

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy in the early months of pregnancy. So far, no study has confirmed the exact cause of nausea when pregnant. However, medical experts believe that this phenomenon is related to changes in hormone levels in the body. Although it is not a disease, it can cause discomfort, fatigue, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, malnutrition for both mother and fetus. Therefore, mothers should overcome this situation so that both mother and child pass through the morning sickness is safe.

Causes of Nausea during Pregnancy

Aging is a common occurrence in pregnancy and usually occurs at the start of the day and may also be scattered throughout the day, which occurs more frequently from the sixth week and lasts until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. Elements that cause nausea do not follow a rule at all. For some, it may be the smell of fried food, others are the smell of cigarettes, even some people are afraid of the food they have used so long, some people are afraid of the smell of cosmetics they are familiar with use.

Some psychological factors may also be related to nausea, which may be a mood disturbance before pregnancy. But that does not explain everything and more, the degree of discomfort changes in every person. Some tolerate only a few weeks, and in stages, others tolerate longer or to a higher degree.

How to Overcome, Reduce Nausea for Pregnant Mothers

Although vomiting is not dangerous to the fetus but it makes the mother very tired, not absorb more nutrients in the body so better mother should find ways to reduce this. Eating and taking medications are two ways to prevent pregnancy. However, it is recommended not to use the drug if the condition is not too severe.

On the issue of eating, mothers can change the eating area if the table has a kitchen smell or smell of grease makes you feel nausea. Pregnant women can split up their meals into several meals. In addition, increasing the amount of hydrocarbons in the diet is a way to help mom “recharge” more easily. Severe morning sickness mothers may chew on ice and drink chilled milk, diluting milk to increase nutrition for several days. At the same time, attention should be paid to eating, eating and eating nutritious protein bar, rich in nutrients, easy to digest, while paying attention to ensure the amount of fluid. To taste, should try to satisfy the special tastes of pregnant women about the sour, sweet bitter, spicy.

To reduce nausea during pregnancy, remove from the menu foods and drinks that make you feel scary. Eat only what you like, but avoid fried foods or too much fat. The most easy to use foods are boiled vegetables, fish meat, apricots, watermelon, grapes. Drink plenty of water, preferably before or after meals, in small doses but often to avoid dehydration. Make a nap even for a short nap, but do not fall asleep immediately after a meal because nausea increases the feeling of fatigue.

Mama can also reduce nausea by changing the way you cook for easier food, avoiding foods or smells that make you uncomfortable. Do not be too hungry and do not eat too much, because the stomach uncomfortable nausea. If you vomit in the morning, when you wake up do not rush up. Stay in bed and take a little snack before getting out of bed to reduce the feeling of nausea during pregnancy.

If you see good progress, the next day, pregnant gourd can eat some kind of soup, soup for more nutrition.

The above measures can only help mothers control the nausea, the eating of pregnant women are still more or less affected in this period. On the other hand, the amount of nutrients gourmet during pregnancy should increase to provide for the fetus. Therefore, to prevent malnutrition for both mother and child, women need other measures such as using Procare supplement. With iron micronutrients, DHA / EPA, folic acid and many other minerals, Procare is a safe, healthy source of nutrition for pregnant mothers recommended by specialists and obstetricians.

Hopefully finished reading this article, mothers have a better understanding of the phenomenon of nausea during pregnancy and know how to limit and overcome this phenomenon so as not to affect the health of mother and child, wish the mother succeed.

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