How Marijuana is Helpful in Losing Weight ?

There is a common belief that people get munchies after using weed, which eventually leads to weight gain, but some studies show cannabis directly contributes to weight loss, thus reducing the number of hours one would need to exercise to lose weight. This article explores how cannabis impacts the metabolic system, causing weight loss.

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The benefits of using weed are so many that they may sound exaggerated. Weed has incredible effects on metabolism and weight loss, and this’s another reason people are into taking pot.

The weed obtained from marijuana dispensaries contains over 400 chemicals but the most active ones are CBD and THC. There are many strains of weed, each containing different proportions of the two chemicals. THC is responsive for munchies, as it binds to cell receptors in the brain that trigger release of the most active hunger hormone, ghrelin.

If a cannabis strain you buy from marijuana dispensaries has a higher proportion of THC to CBD, it will most likely give you munchies. If you would like to use weed for weight loss, the secret lies in finding strains with a small proportion of THC to CBD. Luckily, scientists have found methods to grow strains with very small proportion of THC to CBD, as well as processing methods that remove it from the final product.

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Weed contains cannabinoids which impact the endocannabinoid system in the brain that governs memory, appetite, and pain management. This system responds differently to THC and CBD.

We are going discuss how CBD, the main non-psychoactive ingredient in weed helps with weight loss.

Appetite Suppression

In 2012, a team of British scientists from the University of Reading published a paper showing that a number cannabinoids can suppress appetite when taken. Cannabinoids are the main ingredients in weed.

In the study, they tested the impact of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CNB), and Cannabigerol (CBG) on male rats.

The three cannabinoids had different results on the rats. While CBD and CBG suppressed appetite, ABN increased it. CBD is obtained by breaking down THC.

When the rats ate CBD, they appeared to enjoy their meal as usual but ate significantly less chow.

When you order your weed from marijuana dispensaries, always buy strains that contain less THC.

Managing Blood Sugar

While most people have reported getting munchies after taking weed purchased from marijuana dispensaries, some scientists say cannabis-based medication may be helpful in managing diabetes.

A 2013 research published in Nutrition and Diabetes shows that tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a lesser popular cannabinoid, improves rats’ sensitivity to insulin.

As much as THCV alone didn’t change the rats’ body weights, the researchers considered it a new potential treatment for glucose intolerance relating to obesity.

GW Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading British pharmaceutical companies, has carried out several trials for THCV before. The company reports that in a 2012 trial that involved 62 people, the cannabinoid exhibited many beneficial effects including improved fasting plasma glucose and insulin levels.

In August 2016, the company reported that in their most recent phase 2 trial of the cannabinoid, they did not achieve the primary endpoint.

In a study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine that involved at least 4,500 weed smoking adults; the researchers found that smoking weed more than thrice a week lowers fasting insulin by 16 percent. It appears weed works by promoting the body’s ability to absorb insulin, allowing it to produce the good kind of cholesterol. These factors make the entire body metabolic system efficient.

Focus and Flow

Some weed strains from marijuana dispensaries do not cause sedation of grogginess. If you get the right one it can help you stay attentive, focused, and alert on the task in question. As much as this benefit is subjective, weed is something that can helpw you get there and stay there for some time.

In some instances, you may find problems working up to the motivation to get up and moving, a simple activity such as a post-lunch walk becomes significantly more interesting. Taking CBD-rich weed can make this very interesting as it improves focus and flow.

By making exercise and movement enjoyable is one of the best ways to encourage yourself get out and exercise more often, and this will eventually help you lose weight.

The best ways through which you can use lose weight while using weed from marijuana dispensaries is to effectively manage munchies. If you cannot control, consider a weight-loss diet such as greens, nuts, and fruit. This will as well give space for cannabis to work without interfering with fatty or sugary foods.

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