NHA to Empanel ICMR Approved Labs under the PMJAY Scheme

The world has been still suffering from the impact of the pandemic. The healthcare sector is overwhelmed with the number of patients coming in every day. The situation is no different in India. While the country has been on a strict lockdown for over two months, the number of cases are still on the rise.

The Government of India is making sure that the people suffering from the virus are well taken care of, and their families have all the financial support needed to get past these tough times. With this purpose in mind, the government-funded healthcare scheme – Pradhan Mantri Jan ArogyaYojana (PMJAY) scheme – has been covering the expenses incurred for the testing and treatment of the affected patients.

Moreover, the National Health Authority is looking to empanel laboratories approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It will lead to ease in testing the virus-affected patients under the PMJAY scheme. The NHA is in the process of establishing a module that directly empanels ICMR approved labs under the scheme.

At the beginning of the pandemic in India, the NHA established virus packages for the free testing and treatment of the PMJAY beneficiaries under the scheme. The test and treatment of the diseases can be availed at any of the empaneled hospitals across the country. In fact, many states in India are utilizing the free healthcare facility under this scheme to ensure even the vulnerable and low-income families in India are being treated fairly for the disease.

The number of people being affected by the virus is increasing by the day. The disease has claimed many innocent lives in India. The NHA is taking steps to provide adequate support and coverage to the PMJAY beneficiaries during this time. Also, to extend the coverage and healthcare facilities to people, the authorities have empaneled over 1000 hospitals across India.

The testing and treatment of the disease at the PMJAY empaneled hospital is carried out as per the protocol set by the ICMR and other private labs approved/registered under it.

But before you seek healthcare services under the PMJAY scheme, check whether you are eligible to do so. You can check your eligibility by visiting the PMJAY official website and clicking on the ‘Am I Eligible’ option. Once you know that you are eligible for the scheme, you can proceed with the Ayushman Bharat registration application. After successful registration, you and the beneficiaries will be provided with an ecard with which you can avail the healthcare facilities under the PMJAY scheme.

For families and individuals who are not eligible under Ayushman Bharat registration should still proceed to buy a health insurance plan in India. A pandemic-like situation can certainly put a strain on your finances, and being affected by the disease can put you and your loved ones in a financial turmoil.

All insurers in India offer health insurance plans that cover the pandemic and other critical health conditions as well. Just know that you are buying the policy before contracting the disease, as it will lead to claim rejections otherwise.

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