One Day with your Pup

Our lives are busy. We are engaged with a lot of commitments and targets that even 24 hours of the day are falling short to complete everything that is there on our plate. Amidst this, we find no time to even greet or meet our loved ones. However, we all are humans and we all have our lives set.

Thus, lessening of meeting and greeting doesn’t cause much of an effect on our loved ones because we all find a way to work around that and make adjustments to keep the life going. Yet, there is someone to whom it really does matter. That someone is no one but your pup.

Bought sometime back with utmost excitement, your pup is that living being whose life entirely depends on you and revolves around grasping your presence. It is always cheerful and ready venture anywhere with you because they are always hungry for your time and they never tend to get enough of it.

Toys and stuff bought by you never interests them much because what they crave for the most is you. So, why not dedicate an entire day to your dog and give it the bliss of its lifetime? Yet, if you would be wondering what exactly could you do with your pup all day long, this article will help you know it better.

This is the best thing that you can do for you pup. Take it for a long walk. Dogs love to walk and taking them for a long walk will make them very happy. The best thing that you can do is search for a new location in your vicinity; a location that is away from the usual pollution and crowd; a location that is serene and untamed. Go there with your dog and take the pleasure of being in the nature with your most faithful friend. It is definitely going to reflect greatly on your pup’s wellbeing as also.

  • Play with it

While going for a walk, keep a toy with you. Mind you, don’t carry a toy that your dog play’s with at home; carry a toy for playing outdoor games with your dog. Start playing in the new location. This is going to give some exercise to your and your dog’s body as well as get you to consume more of the fresh air. Of course, playing in such undisturbed location wherein it would just be you and him will make your dog super happy and involved in the game.

  • Click some pictures

Mind you, dogs understand what a camera is and they love to be clicked. So, put on the selfie camera and take some really good snaps with your dog. You can also do a photo shoot of your dog in the new place, but be sure you are not boring it for your own happiness of clicking it’s unlimited pictures. Have a master click also, that you can frame and keep at your home to signify this special moment of you and your dog.

  • Give it a bath

Dogs love to bath, so why not give them a bath of their lifetime since you are as it is dedicating your day to your little pup? Buy some real good bathing toys and essentials from a reputed dealer to make the bathing experience better for your dog. Fill the tub with cosy water and bubble to it. Put some toys in it and your dog will be more than happy to bath in it for a really long time. This will be relaxing for it and will also be blissful. If the dog has its fur grown a bit extra then use one of the best dog clippers and get it back in shape before the bath.

  • Arrange a feast for it

You get tired eating the usual food and just like you, your dog gets tired too. Arrange a great feast for your dog and let it enjoy its meal for as much time as it wants. Don’t pester around and let it eat till its heart’s fill.

  • Play some in-door games

Dogs love to play, so when you are dedicating your entire day to your dog, never forget to keep on playing. There are many indoor dog games that you play. Run around the whole house and let the kid in you come out when you and your pup will the take whole house on your head without worrying about anything and anyone.

  • Watch some TV

It’s good to rest for sometime after long hours of play. So, put on the television and start some really good animal movie. 101 Dalmatians may be!

  • Go on a drive

As the dusk will start to turn in, the weather will get pleasant. This is the perfect time to go on a drive. Start the car, put your pup on the front seat, throw the windows open and drive into the unknown. Keep on driving and enjoy the magic of silence and pristine beauty.

  • More treats

When you are back home and are done with dinner, give more treat to your dog. Come on! This is its special day, so why stick to the schedule? Give it the treats it loves and let it enjoy the welcoming night.

  • Sleep besides it

Finally the day has come to an end and you both will be returning to the usual boring routine. So, before the day arrives and the sun starts shining brightly over you, ensure that your pup sleeps peacefully after an exciting day with you. Dogs are always hungry for love and their loyalty makes them deserving for eternal love. So, have your dog sleeping besides you, right on your bed so that you two can take a peaceful slumber, preserving the gracious day that was spent well.

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