Dressing Up Your Dog: A Good or Bad Thing?

To put it simply, there is nothing wrong with putting clothes on your beloved pet, best friend and companion rolled into an adorable four-legged, furry creature. It would only be a problem if you would force your dog making him evidently uncomfortable and unhappy.

You can’t be blamed that you just want to showcase your adorable pooch to the world but forcing them into clothing would not be the way to go. There are numerous accessories in the market that your dog wouldn’t mind such as studded up collars, accessories to attach to their harnesses the like.

Take for example, these Sharp Spiked Studded Leather Dog Collar to make your dog look edgy, Assorted Design Dog Scarf Type Collars that are sure to make your dog stand out, Bow Ties Set collars for a classy look and so much more. All these accessories have in common is it does not deviate much from the usual collars and harnesses that your dog would normally wear, making them comfortable to wear it.

In some cases however, there may be circumstances for some dogs that they need to wear clothing as a matter for survival. Take for example, dogs that live in colder climates that are not genetically accustomed to it like a Pug that constantly goes out in the winter, in this case clothing becomes more of a necessity than just a mere accessory or making your dog look prettier.

Believe it or not, you could actually train your dog to like wearing clothes even if he’s not that much of a fan in the first place. However, this will be a long process that will require you to be patient. It would greatly help your case if you start training your dog as pup, that way getting used to it will much be easier for your dog. So how do you train your dog?

Treats! Treats! Treats!

This would be the standard in every training but training your dog to wear something so new to him, you’ll be needing treats and a lot of it! It’s all about positive association. Bottom line is you associate wearing clothes to something rewarding, fun and pleasurable for your dog. This will be explained further as we go along.


Start with showing the clothing, preferably something that you simply have to clasp on the body area and give him a treat. If he backs away for seeing something foreign, hide it behind your back and do the process until your dog gets relaxed and do this a few times until your dog gets used to it.

When you have progressed to have actually put the clothing on, reward your dog with treats and praises. Play with him. Distract him from the fact that he is wearing it. Start with having him wear it for a few minutes, then slowly increase the time he has to wear it until he can wear the clothing without any problem. 

Progress with shirts!

When your dog is more used to clothing, the next challenge would be having his head go through a shirt’s head hole. Most dogs are not a fan of this because this would entail that it covers their eyes and this freaks them out.

Just like before, do this slowly. Try putting the head through the shirt first excluding the limbs and have him used to the sensation of wearing it. Distract him by playing with him and when the session is finished (you guessed it) give him a treat.

Again, repeat this a few times until your dog is able to tolerate it more and move on with the limbs and the same process applies. Slowly work your way through the limbs until your dog is able to wear a shirt without any hassle.

When your dog has been fully accustomed to wearing clothing and with the right amount of patience, your dog will not simply tolerate wearing clothes but at some point, actually love wearing it.

Just simply having fun.

This training process can also be applied even when you just want to jazz up your dog. But once again, you would have to keep in mind that your dog has to be comfortable with it in the long run.

If your feel like putting on a hat to your dog, expect that this will be more difficult than putting on a shirt or sweater over them. Hats tend to block out their sight or bothersome to their ears and some dogs may not take it well. For safety purposes, opt to take a photo with the hat on and then remove it when you go outside so it will not impede their hearing or head movement in any way.

Remember to keep it fun and never force your dog into something they are clearly not that comfortable do.

There are a lot of doggy clothes in the market that fit every season and even holidays of the year. For summer clothes, simply typing in dog summer clothes will narrow down your search to the cutest and most adorable outfits.

Dressing your dog up is a great way to showcase their inherent endearing qualities. But also a great opportunity to bond with your dog. Just like people, trying something new builds character and confidence in a dog, opening you and your dog for more daring adventures and create great memories. If there is anything you will take away from this article, is to keep it fun and simply enjoy the company of your four-legged friend.

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