5 Horse Breeds You Should Know

Horse is a majestic animal with its large frame. It has been domesticated since prehistoric times and is bred in various varieties. Now you all are familiar that the horse is used for various activities such as carrying or pulling loads, for riding, and for racing.

But the common people are not well aware about the different breeds of horses. Though the list of horse breeds is too long, as they vary in more than 20 breeds. Therefore the list below shows the most famous breeds, which will definitely interest you.

This breed has its origin from Netherlands. Today the Friesian is known to be one of the best carriage horses in the world. Not only that but this breed is an accomplished dressage horse. They are registered but they are found in black or bay and dark brown. The height of a Friesian is anywhere between 14.3 to 16 hands.

This is one of Europe’s oldest breeds from north of Netherlands, specifically from the Friesland region. Hence you know now know how the name originated. The Friesian back from the brink of extinction during the World War II and due to the turn of 20th century. As in 20th century they were crossed to other breeds with the intention of creating a faster horse for trotting races.

  • Arabians

The Arabians are quite famous for their stamina. Arabians can be found in the breath-taking colours such as chestnuts, bay, gray, black and roan. They rule for their quality of endurance in the long-distance sport and their height stands at 14 to 15.3 hands.

As per the theory Arabians are said to be the oldest breed in the world. Arabians were companions of Bedouin people, who were nomadic tribesmen of Arabia and they heavily relied on the horse for survival.

The Arabian horse are known for their sociable personalities, due to the religion war, the Arabian horses landed in parts of Europe and other parts of the world. Arabian horses today are mainly found in United States and they have a distinctive dished profile.

They feature are as such that they have a giant, wide-set eyes on a broad forehead, small, curved ears, and large and efficient nostrils. Arabians are also known for their arched necks and short backs.

  • Abaco Barb

Abaco Barb descended from the Spanish horses are only left eight in existence now. This horses which descended at the time of Christopher Columbus are now a small herd residing in the conservation area on the Bahaman Island of Great Abaco.

This rare breed is in great threat of extinction. It is believed that early explorers to the New World a boded ships with these Spanish descended. So as the story goes, most of these ships did not survive and never reached their destination.

The ships were either ship wretched or pirated in the Caribbean, but few horses managed to survive the ordeal. By making it safely to the island of Great Abaco and since then they have remained there for centuries.

Their distinctive traits are their low-set tails, convex faces and thick, long manes and tails. This horses are small compared to Arabians, thy stand about 13.2 to 14.2 hands, and are exceptionally strong. Bay, brown and pinto are the colours of this breed.

  • Mustang

Mustang got its name from a Spanish word mesteña, meaning stray or wild. Mustangs are ridden in English and western disciplines as well as on the trail. It is hard to state the overall characteristic of the Mustang due to being bred by different horses. Their popularity depended as per the area of settlers and as per their preferences.

Draft horses and hot-blooded horses were more popular in different areas. Also, their features are different some are large and full-bodied, while others are smaller and daintier in appearance. They stand about 13 to 16 hands.

  • Mules

Mules are famous breed of horse, they vary on type of their size. Each mule differs in size from miniature to draft, depending on the individual horse. Pinto, Appaloosa, and palomino are the colours of this traditionally used horses. Mules are talented high jumpers used by English and western riding mounts.

They are also known to compete in a class called the Coon Hunter’s Jump. This breed is a human invention, by breeding a female horse to a male donkey you create a mule. They are strongly developed as placid animal which are suitable for packing, riding and driving.

There are so many other breeds of stunning horses. As a beginner learn about this few famous horses. No matter what the breed is, a horse is a pet that is a dear friend and companion to many. Horse owners take great care of horses whether you are using horse clippers, spending time with their horse or while enjoying the ride. This pride and spectacular animal can prove to be a brilliant friend.

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