Optimize Your eCommerce Product Images to Boost Sales

Let your thoughts flow with this situation— you want to purchase a nice dress to gift your love one to commemorate wedding anniversary. Since you have less time, getting it from an ecommerce website would be the best option you have now.

When exploring different ecommerce sites for finding the most gorgeous dress, what would you look at first?

Image of a dress, right?

Once you find a dress that might suit your preference, now you would click on the dress image to get more details in the image and its description.

However, after clicking on the image, you stumbled upon a blurred image where its color is not clear regardless of its size and details.

Would you buy that dress from that website?

You might be nodding your head ‘NO’ and are thinking that you would jump to another website to keep searching.

While this is true for you, the majority of the people or your targeted audiences are no exception in this regard because a clean and sleek image with more details increases the purchase decision to a great extent.

About 70% of shoppers of ecommerce shoppers consider the quality of the image and its details before they make a purchase decision.

Here comes the role of ecommerce image editing service to make your image create the best impression to your customers.

What is eCommerce image editing services?

Most of the time, clicked images need some adjustment which would enhance its look and add more value to that image. To do those adjustment, a number of tools are available which are used to edit image. And companies who do these editing offer image editing service.

To put it in plain words, Image Editing and Processing Services are designed to give your photos and images a complete makeover or enhancement.

Referring to this simple definition, editing product images is part of this image editing service which is also known as product image editing service to define the service easily to catch and utilize.

Ecommerce image editing services deal with correcting product images including but not limited to Background Adjustment, Color correction, Image Masking/ Shadow, Masking, Product Retouching, and Ghost Mannequin services.

Importance of ecommerce image editing service

  • Affordability

There is a misconception that image editing service from agencies is very expensive. This is so not true because a company deals with bulk image editing which reduces the cost for their company and eventually, cost for image editing is decreased. Some companies offer product image editing service as low as 35¢/per image.

  • Faster Delivery

It is obvious that more resources mean a job will be done faster than with less resources. Because image editing companies employ a number of workforce, they can deliver bulk number of processed images within a day without compromising the quality of each image. To be more specific, you will be able get more than 6,000 images processed in one day. In addition, outsource photo editing service also provides constant support according to the agreement, so you don’t have to go through hassle and extra money for additional tweaks.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality always comes first of a product. And that can be reflected through a clear and detailed image. Compared to freelancers, you could get quality image editing service because image editing companies plan to do business for a long time and they want to keep their reputation intact. On this ground, image editing companies are more focused on deliver quality images to their clients.

  • Professional Touch

Another important advantage of getting image editing service from a high-end photo retouching service provider is you will get expert touch. Generally, you will have to go through a few simple steps, including raw image, share your requirements and how do you want those to be delivered and lastly make payment. Once you are done, those photos are given to the expert photo editors to follow the requirement and perform accordingly. The primary benefit is you don’t have to go to others for any change, because most of the photo editing companies offer almost all types of image editing.

  • Market Experience

Many believe that if image edited by freelancers, it would lower their cost. Consequently, their expectation might not be filled properly. On the other hand, companies that offer image editing service for ecommerce carry hands-on market experience that enable them to enhance an image’s quality by leveraging the best practices.

How does image editing companies work?

Will you be convinced if it takes a lot of steps to place an order, and also start worrying about the outcome? The best photo editing services provider can take way all these so you can focus on the core of your business.

It is evident that most of the image editing companies follow three/four steps method to onboard clients and start working.

Generally, the overall steps actually depends upon the agreement that would be executed before working on the project. However, image editing companies also offer customizable package for their clients that also increase or decreases the steps.

Final Thoughts

Hiring an image editing service providing company would be the best option if you want to avoid delay, hassle and stop losing money. Because a company with professional image editors with experience of serving more than 500 clients from various industries is more reliable than freelancers and companies with less experience.

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