7 Important Outstation Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Travel can be an exciting elixir for people who are otherwise drudging through the monotony of daily life. While travel can be exciting and provide you with an escape from everyday life, it’s also easy to get lost in the wilderness and forget your way home.

What we mean is that you need to pay careful attention to your safety while travelling, as travellers are especially prone to anything from petty theft to more serious crimes.

Everything from the destination you’re going to, booking a hotel, getting a party bus from https://www.limofind.com/az/tucson-party-bus-rental/, the outstation taxi service you’re choosing to the way you stack your money, everything you do while on vacation counts towards your safety.

Safety especially takes centre stage when women travel solo, or in groups.

Everything from outstation cab booking, places you’ll stay in, the local culture out there must be perfect for travellers to enjoy their trip fully.

Below, we bring you 7 important outstation travel safety tips. Read on to know just what matters.

Research about the destination

This one especially counts if you haven’t been to this place before. Do your homework on the destination, and in the process come up with important information. Things like the local culture, any news stories going up regarding the place, places to visit, historical significance and travel advisories are all that should be figuring on your research.

Try to read up on resourceful and genuine information about the destination as much as you can.

Research about the destination

Every country/state also has distinct government-controlled Travel advisories for different destinations. Go through the announcements carefully and study each point carefully before you pack your bags & make the bookings.

Aside from reading online about the destination, it’s also helpful to ask the opinions of your family, friends, relatives and co-workers, if they’ve been there before.

Apart from researching the places to visit, hotels to stay in and local eateries, also find out important emergency contact information, should you get into trouble.

Note down emergency contact numbers like those of the local Police station, beat police and the nearest medical centre.

Be as inconspicuous as possible

Even though you might be visiting the destination for the first time, it’s important to blend in as much as possible. Looking out of the place will attract undue attention and make you vulnerable to local conmen. Avoid dressing up too much, or asking directions from suspicious-looking people.

It’s also advisable to buy some local clothes if you’re travelling for longer durations of time.
Be discreet while checking out maps and rely on GPS for going to local places as much as you can.

Also be wary of accepting rides from strangers, or hanging out with the locals you aren’t well-acquainted with.

Lastly, also consider donning protective clothing and gear to avoid being targeted by pickpockets and to protect your possessions.

Carry along all your important documents

Whenever you’re travelling, ensure that you carry along all of your important documents with you. These include copies of essential documents like passport, driver’s license, & other necessary documents.

Also, scan these documents online and save their soft copies in proper folders on your phone.

This ensures that you won’t have to scramble through your phone to find relevant documents when you need it.

Most hotels and accommodation places wouldn’t let you check-in or stay without a valid identity proof and most would want to keep a copy with them for future security references.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Whether it’s an overnight trekking trip, a few days in the woods, a solo trip or an outing with friends, it’s always best to keep your friends and family informed about whereabouts. Not only will it help them keep track of your location at all times, but also help you get help when in an hour of emergency.

It’s best to send copies of your itinerary and the location of your hotel/Airbnb to your closest friends & family, to enable them to help you out in a case of emergency.

Book a good accommodation for your stay

This one carries significant weight, especially in the case of females travelling solo. Always do some amount of research on the hotel before making the final bookings. Look for the facilities, room service, staff behaviour, food, proximity to nearby local attractions, as well as to the airport and hospitals.

It’s always a good choice to read up about the hotel on their website & seek the opinion of your friends, family and colleagues over it.

Even if the budget happens to be a prime consideration for you, don’t compromise on underlying security, safety and facilities to make up for the cash crunch. There are many websites that give travellers an option to compare hotel prices and book those with the best deals available. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for a friend’s help while booking. Maybe they can give you a coupon which slashes the rates even more for your stay.

Either way, make sure that you choose a safe, secure and reliable property for your stay, & never compromise on these core concerns in order to save money.

Keep a stock of your surroundings

While one of the essential travel tips is to blend in with the locality and enjoy your time to the fullest, make sure you keep your eyes open & stay alert. Especially important for female travellers, being alert and staying on top of your surroundings is the most important part of your safety plans.

Be mindful of your environment while taking selfies and pictures, & avoid falling into a routine while on your trip. Don’t go into the same restaurants for eating, or do certain things at certain times. You don’t always have to be fearful, but keep an eye out for feelers & leery eyes. At the base of it, always go with your gut instinct, and avoid going to places or talking to people you don’t feel comfortable in/with.

Choose an excellent and safe outstation taxi service

Perhaps the most crucial part of your trip, if you’ve decided on making an outstation cab booking to go to your destination, always research the cab booking company beforehand.

It’s best to go to their website and read up on their packages, routes, fares, safety policies & driver-partners.

Also read about the outstation taxi service’s surge price policies, one-way trip inclusions in charges and any damage insurance policies that they might have.

It’s a great choice to go on online consumer discussion forums to read honest customer reviews on their services, and the behaviour of their driver-partners before making the outstation cab booking.

Since you’ll be spending a good deal of amount riding in the car with your driver, it’s best to ensure that they’re professional, respectful, courteous and considerate throughout the ride.

A rude or unmannerly driver-partner can ruin your trip and your entire travel experience, so it’s advisable to do thorough research on the cab company before spending your money on the booking.

Again, you can look for better clarity by consulting with your friends and family.

In the end, we conclude by saying that safety is any traveller’s primary concern, & you should take proper steps to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest, while also being safe and secure!

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