Points to Consider Before Choosing an Online Shopping Cart System

Building an ecommerce store is not a very difficult task in today’s era, thanks to the various ecommerce platform providers that have made the job easier. While choosing an ecommerce platform provider for building an ecommerce store, there are a number of parameters to be considered. One of the most important parameters is choosing an online shopping cart system which can be ignored despite its huge role in the success of an online business.

Often entrepreneurs choose an eCommerce platform without knowing the specifications provided by the same. The shopping cart is a critical feature for online stores which needs special attention. A poorly designed shopping cart can be harmful to the online businesses. Hence making a list of the most essential requirements related to shopping carts is the first thing which should be taken care of.

A fully featured shopping cart aims at improving the interaction between the customers and the site which results in better sales. Here is a list of few points which should never be missed before making a choice.

  1. Convenience in using– An easy to use online shopping cart system is extremely necessary for having loyal customers. Online buyers usually do not like the idea of clicking multiple times to complete the checkout process. The online shopping cart needs to be flexible enough to carry out the entire process smoothly and help in improving the shopping experience of the customers. Single click and seamless checkout is often the first choice of customers and makes them come back for repeat orders.
  2. Importance of wish lists– A customer may visit the ecommerce store to view certain products which he decides to buy later. Searching for the same product, again and again, becomes very inconvenient. On the other hand, providing wish lists is the perfect solution to this problem using which the customers can just save their favorite products and buy them whenever they wish to. Wish lists in any online shopping cart system are always beneficial as they provide customers a way to remind themselves of a product. It also assists merchants in measuring the product interest shown by the customers.
  1. Easy checkouts– Standing in a long queue for paying bills in a brick and mortar store has always been a frustrating task. What if the checkout process at an ecommerce store becomes equally frustrating because of the time it consumes? The ecommerce store is likely to lose customers who were about to buy a product. For the same reason, the checkout process needs to be easy, fast and reliable. A single page checkout should be the ultimate goal which prevents loading of a new page for carrying out the checkout and complete the entire process as quickly as possible.
  1. Multiple payment options– Not all the customers prefer cash on delivery for making payments. ‘Go Cashless’ is the new mantra followed by most of the customers. Payments done using mobile wallets, credit cards or debit cards are more frequently used by ecommerce website users when they proceed to checkout. An online shopping cart system which provides multiple payment options should always be considered as a priority. If a customer does not find an option to pay using his preferred payment option then he may leave the online store without any purchase.
  1. Security is the key– Making online payments may look appealing but can be equally risky if security is not considered as a major factor. Choosing an online shopping cart system with SSL encryption is essential for website security purpose. If ever a customer loses his money due to security issues present in the ecommerce store, he will surely not visit the site again. Being safe from intruders is extremely essential, so security always needs to be treated as an extremely vital aspect.
  1. Attractive product images– On of the most efficient ways to grab the attention of customers is by introducing various product images. Product image is the only parameter depending on which the customers make their choice. No one would buy a product which does not look attractive. No matter even if the product is a good one, images do the talking when it comes to online shopping. The online shopping cart counts product images as a necessary feature but making it flexible enough which includes resizing of large images is also must.
  1. Product reviews– A customer may often refer the reviews given by other customers in order to know their experience with the product. Product reviews are always helpful for the customers in getting some information about the item they are about to buy. Having a feature of product reviews in the online shopping cart systems is essential as people trust what other users say and make their choice accordingly.
  1. Why pre-developed cart?- Many online businesses prefer to build ecommerce websites from scratch which needs a lot of efforts, time and resources. Assuring a bug free product in a short span of time is not an easy task. Hence choosing a pre-developed cart is a better option which is already configured and ready to use. Apart from saving time, oftentimes various other features are also included in the complete package which can attract users. Here is a list of some of the features which are available in the pre- developed carts.

Real-time inventory status

PUSH notifications for keeping the users updated with all the latest happenings.

Automated emails for incomplete checkouts and order tracking.Introducing coupons and discounts for engaging customers.

An online shopping cart system with all the mentioned key points is a perfect fit for your ecommerce business.


Focusing on providing a satisfactory and user- friendly product to the customers is the key factor which ensures success. Choosing the best online shopping cart depends totally on your requirements. There are n numbers of platforms where you can find the most suitable options. StoreHippo has made tremendous efforts in providing an easy to use online shopping cart system for the target audience.

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