Pop The Cork With Elegant Plastic Champagne Stemware

Plastic Looks Like Glass

Plastic has taken on a new meaning when it comes to the types of materials like champagne glasses used at great celebrations, special events, weddings, etc. Plastic today is made out of user-friendly materials like sugar cane fibers which are renewable and can be designed in a tropical style that looks good on any table setting.

Palm leaves are a naturally biodegradable plant and to make glasses that look elegant and feel comfortable as you hold them up to make a toast. Poly-lactic Acid (PLA) or BPA glasses are approved by the FDA. PLA champagne glasses are made from corn and BPA is a poly carbonate plastic that is used in various types of food product and is found in party ware supplies and products. BPA is an extremely clear plastic that is quite strong and looks just like glass.


The Party trends store is your one-stop specialists for party wear, dinnerware, and elegant place settings in Canada. Their products are beautiful and disposable. Browse through their cheap plastic champagne glasses, place settings, cutlery, disposable covers for the table, and so much more in varied styles, colours, and patterns.

Disposable party wear like cheap plastic champagne glasses are hygienic and fit handily in your hands as you walk around with them. Plastic-ware is rugged and lightweight, but at the same time, they are picture perfect elegant table settings. Plastic, disposable products like cheap plastic champagne glasses have many other benefits. Plastic stemware is mobile without any danger of breaking if it falls or is knocked over.

Modern-day plastic products are save for everyone in the family, including kids. Young children enjoy holding their plastic cups containing yummy juices. If kids are attending a special celebration, giving them a plastic glass where they can mimic what the adults are holding in the hands, is a safe solution. Another advantage of using plastic ware is that after the party is over, plastic stemware, bowls, and plates can be discarded, rather running them through a dishwasher.

Champagne Flute Innovations

Online plastic party supplies are innovative and decorative. For example, plastic champagne stemware is available in styles that look just like crystal glass wear. One or two piece plastic champagne glasses for your special occasion are available in round top flutes, wave trend design glasses, Renaissance flutes, wide base, slender stem and so much more.

Plastic champagne stemware glasses are designed to give people the same experience that a glass gives those who enjoy a good glass of champagne. The plastic stem helps to keep the right temperature for champagne and its slim top allows the bubbly carbonation to enhance the flavor of the drink. Modern disposable plastic champagne flutes do not diminish the delicious enjoyment of elegant drinks. Just like glass, plastic stemware is perfect at any party without worries of breakage.

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