Reasons to Choose a Wooden Fence

Did you know that 90% of homes with fences use wood for their design? And there’s a reason for this choice! When considering what type of fences to install, the cost is an essential factor. Wood and vinyl fences are two types that are popular in the fencing industry. The cost of installing one of these involves material and labor.

Since human-made products can be costly, and many of their designs don’t provide the wood fence’s full functionality, there’s no question why homeowners will always look to wood fence repair in Arlington when trying to repair the wall that helps them secure their property and protect their privacy. But why do so many people prefer wood to other materials?

Well, when it comes to home remodeling, in general, homeowners tend to choose the more affordable option. Depending on the budgets for each owner, the most affordable option may vary. Still, one thing that will never change is that wood will always be the cheapest material when it comes to a fence and can be found in a wide variety of designs.

The vast majority of manufacturers and wood fence repair in Arlington use sustainably harvested wood, so their environmental impact is significantly reduced, all without increasing cost.

Another reason why homeowners are always looking for wood fence suppliers for their fence projects is that wood fences are incredibly durable.

Species like cedar are not only affordable for any budget but are also naturally resistant to things like rot, moisture, decay, and even insects. That means natural wood is perfectly suited for wet or cold weather, making it an optimal choice for homeowners in areas with these characteristics.

Besides, when it comes to composite or vinyl fence materials, wood fences are much easier to repair. With the other materials, if a picket needs repair, you will have to remove a complete section of the wall. This will cost you more time and money compared to wood fences, whereas if a picket needs to be repaired on a wood fence, wood fence repair in Arlington can easily remove it without derailing the rest of your fence, so if you want to save money and avoid unnecessary complications, a wood fence is the best choice.

Some of the most widely chosen woods for this type of project are cedar and redwood. This is mainly due to the natural oils and acids that remain in the wood even after being cut, which helps them repel moisture and often prevent the wood from rotting or warping over time. These woods also naturally repel insects and termites, which leads to less damage than other woods can suffer, resulting in a longer-lasting fence with less maintenance.

Redwood is denser than cedar, which can help protect it from splintering and other weather damage. But redwood tends to be more expensive, too. Forests look different under stains and sealants; redwood tends to be darker than cedar, which is more of a golden color. So as you can see, your best option is to install a wood fence.

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