Should You Get a Robot Vacuum? The Answers You Need to Know

When it comes to cleaning your home, it can get quite difficult, especially in big spaces that need a ton of time to clean! It takes hours to clean floors until they’re dust-free, and some of us don’t have that time and luxury to do it weekly. That’s where useful pieces of technology like the robot vacuum comes along, cleaning the floors for you without spending hefty fees.

You’ve seen it on television, website like Vacuum Fanatics have raved and reviewed the robot vacuum, but the question is: Is it really worth it for you? Read on to see if the robot vacuum is worth the investment!

Should You Get a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are compact machines which you place on your room’s floor, letting it do all the vacuuming for you. It moves on its own and would detect corners or tight spaces, moving around the entire floor without bumping into furniture and the like. The vacuum uses batteries and will move around the house until the cleaning cycle is done or if the battery becomes low, lasting for about one to two hours per charge.

These vacuums are made best for those who have hardwood floors and have no time to clean their floors weekly. They come with various features and begin to advance in technology, coming with smartphone connection or other options to clean your home the way you want it.

However, they do have their downfalls, and you need to measure such benefits and disadvantages to see if these vacuums are suitable for you. So while I think you should get a robot vacuum, there are some things to take note of before getting one. After all, we have our individual needs and wants, so there’s no saying that everyone should get a robot vacuum immediately!

The Benefits of a Robot Vacuum

These robot vacuums have the following benefits that any household can take advantage of:

Scheduled Cleaning Without the Effort

You won’t need to spend hours on end vacuuming your entire home anymore. Instead of spending a lot of your energy on cleaning, you can program the robot vacuum to do the work at specific times of the day, so it can be cleaned as you work or sleep.

Vacuum In Hard-to-Reach Spots

Robot vacuums are small and thin, designed this way so it’s able to clean under the sofa and other hard-to-reach areas. No need to lift furniture or tables, as the vacuum just goes in and cleans with ease, moving on to the next area right after.

Spot Cleaning and Can Be Used As a Mop

Spot Cleaning

A lot of robot vacuums now come with excellent features, such as spot cleaning or in mop mode. That way, your vacuum focuses on one area you want it to clean, rather than the entire home. Also, they can be used as mops, wiping up any spills or accidents so you won’t have to do it!

The Disadvantages of a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums also have their downfalls, depending on your home situation, such as:

Vacuum or Items Get Stuck

While robot vacuums are effective in cleaning, there are some problems with it sucking up bigger items and getting it stuck. Like socks, small toys, or other small debris, which you have to pick up before you begin the vacuum process. There’s also a chance of your vacuum getting stuck under your furniture!

Maintenance and Noise

The robot vacuum bin is significantly smaller compared to other traditional vacuums. With that being said, if you have a particularly dusty home or filled with pet dander, you might have to empty it more than usual. Furthermore, some robot vacuums tend to make noise, which might disturb anyone at home.

You’ll Still Need to Clean Some Areas

Robot vacuums can clean a room in general, though it may leave some corners behind, which you’ll need to clean at least once a month! So while these vacuums reduce the need for you to vacuum, there are still times you need to vacuum the usual way every few weeks or so.

Wrapping It Up

Technology is always innovating, and it surely has made a lot of things quicker and more efficient, including cleaning! With a quality iRobot vacuum on vacuum fanatics, you’re able to enjoy cleaner floors without having to do any of the work. These nifty gadgets will do the work for you and move around all day to ensure a dust-free room.

I hope this article answers your question, “Should you get a robot vacuum?” Now that you’re familiar with what the robot vacuum is and if it’s worth it, why not look for some good ones today?

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences in using a robot vacuum, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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