Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – A Name That Goes Wrong

The Korean company Samsung is hoping to see another Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 foldable phone on February 11 this year. We are less than a month away from the launch date but we are still unclear of how this upcoming foldable device will look like, what would be its price, features and specs. Up until now we’ve heard a couple of leaks related to its features but the news of Galaxy Fold 2 expected name is circulating faster than anything else. Some of the earlier tidbits revealed what it will be called as “Galaxy Bloom” – and now another name has come at the forefront. This new moniker is said to be “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”, which is likely our least loved name for the new smartphone yet. This craziest name was leaked out by a famous leaker @UniverseIce in its latest tweet. It is, however, not clear where this data originated from, but we can see a genuinely decent reputation of the Ice Universe, which is the reason we believe this news to be somewhat real. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip We came to know that the Galaxy Foldable had a codename ‘Bloom’; and now it is almost confirmed that its release name would be Galaxy Z Flip – are we the only one thinking that the name game goes wrong this time?

Opening up the Mystery behind its Name

We’re expecting the Galaxy Fold 2 to have a ‘clamshell’ design, to some degree like an old flip phone, subsequently the name ‘Flip’ would be suitable. Saying that, the letter ‘Z’ is somewhat confounding – maybe it recommends that the foldable device will overlap like the letter z with two pivots, similar to how a few idea foldable smartphones close. There can be another reason for this letter Z. Samsung has a range of foldable phones in China too, so it may be added to differentiate the lineup. Not to forget the fact that the Ice Universe previously referred to the name Galaxy Bloom as well, in spite of the fact that they absolutely didn’t advocate it as much as other tipsters did. We’re somewhat doubtful of the Z Flip name, as our tone recommends, however of course we were questionable when @UniverseIce proposed the Samsung Galaxy S11 would really be known as the Galaxy S20. Presently, most rumors are proposing that the name is right, so maybe the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 truly could turn out as the Galaxy Z Flip. You never know!

Our Confounding Verdict

We’re not so much anticipating more crazy, stranger names being proposed however. All things considered; it is not bad enough to be skeptical about these reports as Samsung has not officially confirmed any details yet. We suggest you take these rumors with a pinch of salt. Whichever way the bits of gossip won’t be away from swinging so we’ll keep you aware about ongoing updates. Ta – Da! Author Bio: Kerin is a content marketer & a passionate blogger. She is a tech blogger by profession & an avid reader by soul. She loves to explore topics related to news / technology, marketing and particularly content transfer. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and penning down her thoughts with a cup of coffee.

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