Soldering Guns And Irons: Distinct Pros and Cons

Soldering is widely used in technological, electronic and other industries and amateurs also undertake soldering processes at home. The soldering gun and soldering iron are two important tools for soldering.

Soldering Gun


Soldering gun often has non-electronic uses but few of them have advanced features like heat control that make them useful in electronic soldering jobs as well. The guns can be used for making the heavier electrical connections and can be used for joining metals as well. They can be used when work is to be done in the confined spaces. The guns have more power or higher wattage. Soldering guns heat up very fast and hence are both cost and time saving for techies. With many manufacturers present, the soldering gun price is now quite affordable, but you should never compromise with quality.


Some of the disadvantages associated with the soldering gun include:

  • The clumsy shape and higher weight do not allow them to be useful for subtle and delicate electronic works.
  • The rapid heat may damage the electronic components. The gun may also be the cause of delamination.
  • The equipment does not have any features or controls for temperature regulations, in most of its varieties and styles.
  • The copper wire attached to the nozzle of the gun may be destroyed frequently and may require replacement more than often.
  • The gun may only be used intermittently because of its weight.

Soldering Iron


Soldering iron is a more innovative soldering tool that provides for more innovative and delicate work. The iron does not use high current and voltage but works at normal AC current and voltage. It provides a highly clutter-free and more convenient way of soldering. The irons use a very moderate amount of electricity and there is no threat of the electronic components and boards to be damaged in any way.

Soldering irons also come with the temperature control feature so that you can regulate and control the temperature and optimize it for the work process. It is very light-in-weight as well and can be used for an extended time period without any inconvenience. Soldering iron are now sold in many different sizes and also come with interchangeable tips so that you can use a single iron for many different job processes.


Soldering irons also have their own set of issues and problems. Some of these are given below.

  • The soldering iron heats up quite slowly and may take more time for soldering jobs. It hence has lesser power efficiency when compared to a soldering gun.
  • It cannot be used for the heavier kind of electronic works and for the “heat demanding” metal joining jobs.

As we can see the soldering irons are more effective and useful when they are used for the delicate electronic works. For the heavier task, you can always opt for the soldering gun that will offer you better value for money and utmost power efficiency.

When you have to choose between these two popular tools for soldering, you should first keep in mind for what purpose you want to buy any of these. Also, make it sure you buy a quality soldering tool from a leading electronic equipment retailer so that you get a more value-for-money product that has reliability and efficiency. You will find the soldering gun and glue gun price to be quite realistic and economical when you purchase them at leading online retailers.

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