Standing Desk Converter Essentials: What You’ll Need While Working with One

So you just got a standing desk converter and you’re probably all excited. You get lost in thoughts that now; you get to experience a whole new lifestyle at work. It’ll be easier to work out and keep a fit body without having to go to the gym. Your legs and limbs will sleep less and you won’t have to stretch all the time. Your energy won’t be drained by simply looking at your computer for long hours in the day. Finally, you also get to have some extra space on your desk.

Now, the question remains, what do you put on your standing desk converter? Aside from your desktop computer, what else can you incorporate that will be helpful to your work? If you’re at a loss, you needn’t worry. There are loads of items and add-ons you can put onto your new standing desk converter, and here are some of them.

Elbow Desk Pads

The first thing you should get when you install a standing desk converter in your work area is a pair of nice elbow desk pads. Since you’re going to be working while standing up, our elbows carry more weight. When you were just sitting down, usually the weight was more in your wrists, which why you have mouse pads, and the elbows were merely for support. Now, your elbows are carrying almost your entire weight as it supports you and keeps you balanced while you work. These desk pads will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day.


Every desk needs a notepad, even those with standing desk converters. At least with this new furniture, you have more spaces to put o more notepads. They’re essential to write down important memos or reminders on. Next to them, you should also always have some pens handy if other people would want to write down a note on your pad. Another good option will be a pad of sticky noted to be able to position the important message to somewhere you will definitely see.

Standing Clipboard

Clipboards also make for good reminders, especially standing ones. With your standing desk converter, you now have more space in your work area to incorporate it. Before, your desk might have been filled with all sorts of supplies and paperwork that a standing clipboard seem unnecessary. But once you installed your new office furniture, you’re given a new platform and some extra room for this specific essential. Standing clipboard make for an effective medium for communication. You can place notes and other important paperwork which are sure to be seen by you and your co-workers.

 Tissue Box

When you make a mess or have a cold, a trusty tissue box is your best friend. This is another office essential you can easily place on your standing desk converter. In fact, this nifty containers can also be a nice design feature. You can buy or decorate your own quirky tissue box to add more personality to your work area. The more you’re visually in-tuned with your desk, the more chances of your productivity improving. And when you do get the sniffles, at least you can just take a tissue out easy peasy.

 Paper Rack

Paper racks are usually found in storage rooms and supply closets. They’re rarely on anyone’s desk except if that work area has a lot of space. Getting a standing desk converter gives you that much-needed space. On any part of your desk, be it the desk itself or on the converter, you can place a nifty paper rack to better organize your files. If you need something quick, you won’t have to open up shelves and lockers, you can simply take out the paper from the rack.

Mini Brush

If you’re one to eat at your desk, chances are there will be crumbs and food powder on it. Maybe the sandwich you ate left some breadcrumbs under the monitor. Or the doughnut you had for dessert had so much powdered sugar that some were left on your supplies. To clean these all up, you’ll need a mini brush. Just a nice office-sized broom is enough to ensure that every crack and corner of your work area remains clean and tidy.

Tape Dispenser

When you accidentally rip a file or if you want to post a note for your co-worker on his desk, what will you need? some tape of course! A handy tape dispenser makes for a more efficient workspace. You don’t have to go all the way to someone else’s desk or even the supply closet to get more of the sticky stuff. And with your standing desk converter, you’ll have ample space to get even the biggest ones. Similarly to your tissue box, you can also have fun and get the quirkiest dispensers available.

A Mug

Offices nowadays make it a point to serve coffee or have water dispensers to help rejuvenate the employees. And while the drinks are accessible, it’s first-come-first-serve for the cups and mugs. Why not have your own? A nice office mug, even better if it’s personalized, is a great addition to your standing desk converter. This way, you won’t have to fight off your officemates for that sip of coffee. And with the extra room, you’re less likely to spill anything on your computer. An added bonus is when it’s not in use, you can make it into another container for your pens.

Cookie/Candy Jar

Sometimes, you’d just want a snack right there on your desk. It beats having to go to the office kitchen or outside to any convenience store. If you’re one who needs a pick-me-up every now and then, incorporates a cookie or candy jar for your standing desk converter. The added furniture makes enough space for it, and you can fill it with your favorite snacks. The jar also makes for a nice tools fo socialize, in which you can share your snacks with your officemates and chat with them while you take a break.

Mini Toys

Let’s face it, work can get boring sometimes. Even when you’re standing up, if your mind is getting numb, you have to stimulate it with things unrelated to work. Why not play a furniture? Maybe a small chess game, some tic-tac-toe, hangman, or even a bouncing stress ball. Mini toys are great for relieving you of stress and can easily be stored within your standing desk converter.

Getting a standing desk converter opens you up to new ways in accessorizing your workspace. Follow these and more to ensure easier and more efficient days at work!

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