SMS Phone Verification

The SMS phone verification services are developed in order to help companies to confirm, as well as absorb their customers. Phone verification software development kit are now available and equipped to be integrated in one’s mobile operating system IOS and also web applications.

SMS phone verification can make the process more efficient, by guaranteeing ultimate security. Also, it helps to safeguard the customers at the time when they are setting up new direct debits or making a transfer between accounts by sending a one-time password through SMS to confirm identification. With the SMS API, one can very conveniently give a, one time pin code system that will verify user phone numbers across the globe and ensures the security of the application.

All forms of two-factor authentication has various 2FA authentication services. Therefore, irrespective of what form of 2FA one chooses, they must look at a few different providers and make a conversant decision.

If you’re considering SMS 2FA, Ring Captcha happens to be the best option out of so many options that are available. With many 2FA SMS service providers in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one. However, with Ring Captcha one doesn’t have to choose one. They are connected with over ten different providers, inclusive of both international and region-specific, in order to ensure one’s traffic and has some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

For companies that have a customer base residing globally must possess a 2fa sms service. This service becomes very important if the company moreover has customers from under-developed and developing countries. SMS service is possessed by every phone and therefore is accessible to each possible customer, not to forget that only 11/3rd of world’s population possess a smartphone, thus SMS service api becomes viable.

Lately, SMS verification has faced a loss of credibility for various reasons. It is no more the ideal way of verification. SMS 2FA is now moreover only useful and accurate for on boarding and for low value transactions, spaces where high-levels of security are not as much important.

SMS verification has its own positives and negatives. Where positives being that installing an application is not necessary and the fact that SMS service is tied with the phone number making it authentic. It negatives can hit when the user is uncomfortable in sharing his phone number and network coverage of the user’s phone can at times be weak leading to failure of the process.

Phone verification software development kit are available to be integrated in all the mobile operating system iOS and web applications. The application requires a confirmation to safeguard user data and validate users. SMS phone verification can act swiftly and effectually to verify, identity and enable access if an access or key card has been misdirected. Making sure that the sign up process for new customers is as pain free as possible.

If your business is already dealing in various countries, you need to keep in mind that you follow the myriad of regulations which prevail in various countries. Every country has different set of regulations when it comes to SMS. For an instance- if some countries may require alphabetical ids as a mandatory norm while in some countries it might be acceptable to have numeric ids or ids that have any special characters.

Hence, it is extremely important to keep in mind to avoid any kind of message failure which might lead to any type of communication gap.

While generating a PIN for the users,  it is mandatory to abide by certain industry standard algorithms such as RFC62381. This will help in generating OTP – a one-time password which is valid only for a certain period of time and is valid only for one time use like the name states. The system of OTP is highly used in banking sectors and other e-commerce websites where online transactions are made.

RingCaptcha is a high-availability service may not be the cheapest in the market but is the most cost-effective in terms of the ways it provides its services. Possessing an infrastructure that runs off multiple physical sites, and further-on sending SMS or voice One-time Password through more than 10 diverse contributors that it has personal business associations with it. This further guarantees the customer at the time of failures, fallback path becomes readily available.

This is ensured when a phone verification does not convert, Ring Captcha will activates a follow-up OTP with the help of a different service provider at the same time, and a different channel (SMS/voice).

Lastly, if a phone still fails to convert, the AI-assistant will give a call to the user to a few questions and find out why the user is unable to convert and then alert customer support if necessary.

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