Taking Care of Wall Tapestry

Every wall tapestry owner has also come to a juncture where they wonder: How to take care of the tapestries? Today we will primarily answer this most asked question on Fine Art America in detail so that it decorates your room for a very long time.

The specific steps that you need to take to maintain the tapestries are discussed below.

Hanging Tapestry in the Right Way

One of the common mistakes people commit while hanging the tapestry is directly sticking it to the wall. This damages the fabric because the wall might be moist, which will be absorbed in the tapestry. Prolonged exposure to this moisture would damage the fabric.

To solve this problem, one must use rods. The tapestry is nailed on the rods, which are then hung on the wall. This does not let the moisture of the wall be absorbed in the fabric.

Another mistake that damages the tapestry while hanging is by overstretching it. This over stretchiness produces a tension in the fiber and may force it to break thus, destroying the entire design. Great care should be taken so that the tapestry is neither under stretched nor overstretched.

Away from Sunlight

The first and foremost thing to extend tapestries’ lives is to hang them in the right place. An optimum place to hang the tapestry will be where direct sunlight cannot reach. It is because sunlight tends to damage the fabric and dull its colors.

Another solution to this will be to keep the curtains drawn in the rooms where tapestries are placed. This will diffuse the sunlight, thus reducing the damage to a great extent.

Regular Cleaning

No matter where you hang the tapestries, they will always require cleaning after some period. This is because the environment contains dust that is absorbed in the fabric. This dust not only damages the fibers but also affects the colors as they appear dull.

Vacuum Cleaning

There are various ways to clean the tapestries. One common method is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. The frequency of this cleaning depends on the amount of dust that is accumulated in the fabric.

Deep Cleaning

Another method is to wash it in a washing machine. This is necessary for tapestries hung in areas where smoke from cooking can easily reach them. If the tapestries are not washed in a washing machine, it may accumulate grease and destroy it, which one would never want. However, there are some tapestries that cannot be washed. They require extra care so that the need for washing does not arise.


In addition to being precious and beautiful, tapestries are also very delicate. They need to be taken care of. There are many other ways apart from those mentioned above required for the maintenance of wall tapestries. However, these are the most important and common ones.

If one follows the instructions mentioned in this article, their tapestries will last longer than most, and that is precisely what one would want.

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