7 Things You should Try if Your iPhone Breaks Down

When your iPhone breaks down, it can be easy to get upset and stop thinking clearly. After all, these phones are not particularly easy to replace! Due to the high cost of an iPhone, replacement should be a last resort. Thankfully, most damaged iPhone models can be fixed. Unless the most crucial parts are damaged beyond repair, it will probably be possible to fix that busted phone. Here are seven things you can try the next time your iPhone breaks down.

1. Put It In A Bag Of Rice

This is a well-known trick that should be covered first. Why? Because it tends to be pretty effective. If your iPhone has suffered water damage, you should immediately turn it off! Next, wipe the outside dry, shake out as much water as possible, and then place the phone in a bag of dry rice. Silica gel can also be used and is slightly more effective. Make sure that you remove your iPhone case beforehand, and make sure that the phone is completely covered.

It’s best to do this with the charging port facing up so that you don’t jam any of those little rice grains in there. In any case, finish the process by tying up that bag of rice with a trash bag tie, and make sure it’s airtight. If the bag isn’t airtight, use a few pieces of duct tape to make it so. After sitting in that bag all night, your phone should be dry both inside and outside. One little thing about this trick, though: It only works if you do it right away.

2. Do A Reboot

A smartphone is basically just a small computer, and it follows some of the same rules. For instance, many smartphone issues can be solved by a simple reboot. This is normally done by holding the power button and one of the volume buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, a red slider will appear, giving you the option to turn the iPhone off. Then, just hit the power button again to restart the device.

3. Hard Restart

If your screen is black or frozen, it might just need a hard restart. To do this, you must hit the volume up button and quickly release, then hit the volume down button and quickly release. Finally, hold the power button (usually on the right side) until you see the Apple logo.

4. See If You Need An Update

If you are experiencing a lot of minor malfunctions, or if your device is just running really slow, you might simply be in need of an update. Most types of iPhones are known to be picky about updates, and an iPhone is no exception. The longer you wait, the worse the problems will become.

5. Use iTunes Recovery Mode

If your device won’t start up correctly (i.e., freezes during startup or something similar), iTunes can be used to manually update or restore the device. Start by opening iTunes and connecting your device using a USB cable.

Once the phone is connected, hit the volume up button followed by the volume down button, and then hold the power button on the side. By the way, if you have an iPhone 7, you will need to use a different button combination. For these phones, just hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time. Keep holding those buttons down until you see a recovery screen pop up on your phone. You should have the option to either update or restore the device.

6. Check The Charging Port For Debris

Sometimes, an iPhone will be unable to charge because of debris obstructing the charging port. This might be lint from your pocket, dirt from the time you dropped your phone on the ground, or any number of other things. Take the end of a safety pin and carefully scrape that trash out of there.

7. Consult A Phone Repair Technician

If none of these tricks are successful, you will need to take your phone to a qualified iPhone repair technician. Just do a simple google search “iPhone repair Houston” The main thing here is to make sure you find someone who is certified by Apple to work on these devices properly.


There is simply no sense in replacing such an expensive device unless you need to do so. In most cases, a damaged iPhone can be saved. However, we would urge you to remember that quick action is of the essence. If you cannot figure out what is wrong, your best bet is to skip directly to step seven and take your phone to a qualified expert. Regardless of how you proceed, we wish you the best.

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