7 Tips to Care for Your Headphones Earbuds

Earbuds or headphones are very crucial music listening equipment that keeps us sane!

They are our true and faithful music companion, and we can carry them anytime, anywhere.

We all want high-quality listening experience, so it is essential to treat earphones with care for both our hygiene and its long life.

You can use earphones on your laptop, music player, mobile phone, speaker, etc. Taking care of headsets is essential, or the sound quality and performance might start deteriorating over time.

Here you will find seven important tips on how to take care of your headphones or earbuds. These tips will help you get most out of your earbuds or headphones by ensuring the best sound quality for the years to come.

Best Tips to Care for Headphones/Earbuds.


Proper storage of your headphones is crucial. If the earphones don’t come with a storage pouch or storage case, it is advisable to buy one. You can either coil the cable using an over-under or over-over method.

After coiling the cable properly, place the earphones in the pouch or case and make sure that you do not wrap the cable very tight or else it will put stress on the cable. One of the most important advantages of doing this is that you can save your time untangling the wires.

In case of over the ear, put the headphone on the headphone stand when you are not carrying it. If you often travel with your on-ear or over-ear headphones, consider buying a holding case.

Cleaning the earphones

Cleaning the headphones and earphones is important for maintaining hygiene. Earbuds and headphones are bound to get sweaty and collect dust.

If you are using earbuds, remove the silicone or rubber cover and clean it with a damp cloth. You can also use a toothpick to remove all the earwax, dead skin cells, and dust from the inner part of the earphones.

Do not forget to clean the cables gently if the dust is accumulated.

Also, before cleaning the headphones with water (wet cloth), it is imperative to check its IP rating. It should have an IP rating of at least ip5 or ip7.

Some headphones also have removable and replaceable earpads, which ensures the long life of your headphones.

Unplug them after every use

Never leave your headphones or earbuds attached to your device. Unplugging the headphones will protect the audio connector and the area where the cord joins the jack.

You should always pull the connector and not the cable while removing the headphones from the audio source. If you pull the cable, you will put some extra stress on the connector, which may lead to damage to the cable.

Do not sleep with your headphones on

Sleeping while listening to calming music sounds like a good idea, but it is not safe to sleep with your headphones on. There is a lot of possibility of bending and snapping the cable of headphones while you are asleep. Always remove the earbuds and headphones and wrap it in a neat coil and put it on your side table or someplace safe like an earphone pouch.

Avoid sharing your earbuds.

When you share your earbuds or headphones with your buddy, there is a risk of contracting disease-causing germs. If you want to listen to the same music, you can buy a jack connector, which helps in listening to the same music at the same time.

Don’t carry them in your pocket

You should keep the earphones neatly wrapped in a carrying case. All earphone wires are designed to take a fair amount of stress and abuse, but they won’t last long if you push your luck constantly.

Most cables are made with fine copper wires and are protected by braided sleeves or rubber. If you apply extra pressure on the cord, it might tear or break and damage the listening experience.

Don’t listen on loud volume

Listening to loud music not only causes damage to your ear, but it also causes damage to the performance of your headphones.

Most of the headphones are designed to handle sound to a certain decibel level and frequency range. If you constantly exceed the limit, there are chances that your headphones may get damaged.

Why You Should Take Care of Headphones

If you think that high-quality products do not need any extra care, then you are wrong. If you really want to get every single pennyworth of value and use out of your earphones, you need to take care of it. By treating your things with respect, they will work better and last longer.

Here are the benefits of taking proper care of your headphones –

1. Saves money

If you have initially invested a high amount in your headphones, you want it to last longer. By taking good care of your headphones, you can increase its lifespan. Also taking care of your headphone is much cheaper than buying a new set of headphones every now and then.

2. Better functionality

There is no doubt in the fact that high-end headphones come with better functionality. But when you invest in a great pair of headphones that have all the cool features, you also need to take good care of them in order to ensure those features continue to function through the service life of headphones.

3. Better comfort

With every new headphone, you have to adjust the setting according to your comfort. So by taking good care of your headphones, you can enjoy the familiarity and comfort for a more extended period rather than constantly readjusting to your new headphone.


Taking proper care of your headphones and earbuds is not very difficult, and the results are amazing. It will add years to your headphone life, save you a lot of money while also giving you good listening experience.

Maintaining your headphones is not only suitable for its durability, but it also plays a massive role in your personal hygiene. We hope you find this guide helpful, and you learn how to take care of your headphones/earbuds.

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