9 Tips to Find Cheap Budget Wedding Venues

Surprisingly, the average expenditure of a wedding ceremony in the United States is well over $25,000. But if you’re arranging your wedding day, don’t let that number alarm you! There are a lot of sensible techniques to actualize budget wedding ideas without surrendering what makes a difference most to you.

Probably the most ideal approaches to spare are with your wedding venue. A wedding venue could be numerous things, however, for most weddings; it implies a spot for the service and a spot for the reception. Planning the wedding venue is extremely the initial phase in planning a wedding – everything else depends on the area.

Wedding Venues on a Budget

To begin off your wedding planning directly by settling on the most cost-effective decision, find out more about wedding venue in Utah. Here are 5 different ways to do only that.

  1. Avoid Getting Married on a Saturday

You are presumably not astounded that Saturday is the most widely recognized day to get hitched. It’s comfy, it’s customary, and it’s what a great many people are utilized to. What’s more, since it’s the most well-known day, it’s additionally the most costly. Numerous venues will cost you 50% less if you book their location for a Sunday or Friday. Why? Since they usually don’t get weddings for those days, it seems an additional income to them and everyone likes to win it.

  1. Concentrate on Priorities

What is the primary concern that you look for from your wedding venues? Is it an extremely incredible view, with less accentuation put on the food? Or on the other hand, do you need a 5-star spread of gourmet delights, regardless of whether the location is in the focal point of a clamouring city? Make sense of what’s most imperative to you and spend too much a little on that one thing. You better save money on your budget with the stuff that doesn’t make a difference to such an extent.

  1. Non-Traditional Venues are Inexpensive

Get innovative. A bed and breakfast, an open park, or an art gallery for your reception can be considered. Spots that don’t regularly have weddings might not have the same excessive prices as those that are notable for being wedding venues.

  1. Prefer Small Town to Big City

Costs are normally higher in urban cities; so, go outside the city limits to get affordable deals. Once I had a friend who lived in Atlanta and got hitched in Newnan, a suburb around 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. She spared about $10,000 compared to the price quotes she was getting in the city.

  1. Pick One Venue Instead of Two

Many locations normally can be both a ceremony and reception venue. It implies you don’t need to pay two separate location expenses. For instance, numerous places of worship have a lobby that is accessible for such events. A couple of years ago, I went to a wonderful wedding at a retreat house in the mountains that served as both a ceremony and reception site.

  1. At home

Have a low-cost potentially free function and reception by hosting the events at your home or that of a friend, a family member or a neighbor. A house, lawn, backyard, barn or somewhere else on the property can get the job done. However, you’ll have to think about the expense of tables, seats, dinnerware, decorations and different things in the event. The items you don’t already have them or know somebody who will lend them to you.

  1. Parks and sea-sides

Many national, state and city parks, including beaches and gardens, can serve as beautiful, low-cost wedding venues. Mostly, you’ll need an event grant to save the space without running into legal issues. While some public places are free, most cost about several hundred dollars.

Costs may vary depending on the particular zone, the number of guests, presence of food or alcohol, length of the event, insurance fees and other factors.

  1. In the street

Consider a block party for your wedding. One says that for a couple of hundred dollars or less, some exceptional event grants you to close off a city street, like the one you live on. You can have a grill, hire food trucks or make it a potluck. But, you might be required to get additional permits or licenses to serve food and alcohol. Visit your nearby government website or city hall for information.

  1. A boat

Rent a boat for sailing wedding ceremony on a lake, stream or sea. Or on the other hand, set aside cash by combining the wedding and honeymoon. In this manner, some cruise lines wonderfully offer packages for weddings at sea. 


When planning a wedding, kick off early, and make sure to watch out for startling wedding costs. Consider utilizing the cash you save money on your wedding to go towards a romantic wedding anniversary later in your marriage.

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