Tips to Move Pool Table Like Professionals Do

People who want to move their pool table must read this article. Not everyone can afford the heavy cost charged by professional movers. No need to worry about it, you can do it yourself as well. For the professional moving of your pool table, you must read this article. It will help you in finding the easiest ways to do your moving properly. You can move your pool table just like the way professionals do. The first thing you should keep in mind, that you cannot do it yourself alone. Surely you need the help of four to five persons.

Effective Tips

Let’s dive into the effective tips that can help you further in the moving. By following the tips that we are going to discuss below, you can get help in making your moving smoother.

1. Save the Money by Doing the Professional Work by Yourself:

If you are relocating to a new place, the moving of the furniture and other things is one of the parts of moving. You have to move things very carefully, especially to a pool table. Hiring a Professional Pool Table Mover can be costly to you, but you can do it yourself as well to save your money. As the professional movers charge the heavy cost to move anything, just like the pool table. Not everyone can afford the heavy budget of such professional movers. This is why you could perform the moving steps by yourself with these effective tips we are going to discuss further.

2. Disassemble the Parts of the Pool Table:

At first, you have to disassemble the parts of the pool table for convenient moving. furthermore, the persons who are going to help you should be strong enough. You can choose any of your friends, family members, relatives, or neighbors to help you. Ask them to help you in moving the parts of the pool that cannot be disassembled. As some parts are heavy enough and cannot be disassembled, so they are supposed to move together. Besides various other things should be considered as well. So, your stronger social circle can help you in this way.

Some of the dominant parts of the pool table are required to disassemble commonly that are following:

  • Rails
  • Table legs
  • Felt
  • Slate

While disassembling all of those parts, you should keep in mind that you have to reassemble them at the new location. This is why make it easier for yourself and for the people who are helping you in the moving. For the proper reassemble and the disassemble, you must read the instructions given by the manufacturer. It will save you from any trouble while moving, as you will know the solution to the problems that could be faced.

3. Supplies For Moving a Pool Table:

The primary and essential step of moving a pool table is to disassemble it. So, first, disassemble all the parts of the pool that can be disassembled. It will help you in moving those parts easily and without damaging those parts. After disassembling the parts of the pool table, to transporting them some tools are required. Some of those required tools are mentioned below.

Have a look!

  • Power drills
  • Bubble wrap and moving blankets
  • Cutting tools just like snips
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Measuring tape
  • Socket wrench
  • A staple remover or staple puller

(By which you can detach the felt lining)

  • Dollies or moving carts
  • Flathead screwdriver

These are some of the essential supplies that you should consider, before moving your pool table. These will help you in moving safely and with the carrying arrangements. In addition to this, it will also help you in making your process of moving the pool smoother.

4. Measure the Entrances and Other Paths:

Another important thing to consider while moving a pool table is measurement. Take the measurements of the places, from where you are moving and to the place you are moving. It will help in assisting you in taking the things and the pool parts conveniently. It also helps you identify, if the pool parts can be taken through the doors and from other paths easily. If yes then it’s good, if not then you should make the proper arrangements for it.

You can also figure out the space by where you are supposed to take out the table. If there is no appropriate space to go through the table, you should take out the table from there. Otherwise, you might face any damage to your parts of the pool table. For the measurement of the entrances and other paths, you can use measuring tapes. It will help you in doing the appropriate measurement of each place such as doors, and other paths.

5. The New Location Should Have the Proper Placement of the Table:

Make sure that the new location’s sufficient storage. Proper storage should be there for the easy placement of the pool table. So, the placement could be done easily with the help of four to five people. It will also save your pool table from any damage, that you can face while moving the table. You can also consult with the movers who Buy and Sell older pool tables. Enough space can make the moving of the table convenient. This is why before moving finally; you should visit the new location and take the measurements of the entire location. It will also save you from any kind of damage that you might face due to insufficient storage.

6. Make Use of Slip Resistance Shoes While Carrying Anything:

Some parts of the pool table are heavy and, there are more chances to slip down while carrying those parts. This is why the people who are helping you in the moving, should have safety precautions. One of those is to wear the slip resistance shoes that save you from slipping. As the tiles floor could be more dangerous while carrying the heavy parts of the pool table. Every single person who is going to help you in moving must wear those slip resistance shoes. So, in case the floor is made of tiles where the proper resistance is necessary.

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