Top Tools for Vue Js developer in 2021

In recent times, developers spend an hour initiating the standard tools used by Vue JS development. In 2021, many developers are keen to utilize the tools discovered by the Vue JS platform. Nearly 75% of VueJS development services are relying upon the standard tools used in this development cycle.

The Vue JS development cycle works predominantly on application concepts, debugging, and even testing by taking under numerical analysis. Thousands of tools are available these days. But, developers need something unique and fresh.

In comparison, nearly 87.5% of apps need vue js development company for creating unique functions. The developer looks around at some of the tools and extensions that aid in Vue JS project development. They use some technical tools to utilize the Vue projects more conveniently.

So, let us check the top tools for Vue JS developers in 2021.

Official Vue.JS Guide

The Official Vue.JS Guide helps you get started with the Vue framework on the top priority list. They depend on the comprehensive learning guide and follow-up API documentation. This shows some code examples and more things to attend a meet-up. You can get in touch with Vue Community by joining a forum or chat or by meeting up.


Like other JavaScript frameworks, the Vue CLI tool helps develop JS frameworks. They enable you to create project structures and deploy boilerplates rapidly.

Moreover, it configures well to build instant prototypes to exhibit new features. Besides, it comes with Vue CLI, which offers much more support for web development tools. This tool is also compatible with extensible third-party plug-ins.

Bit for Vue

A bit is a great way to build a team with a next-generation component library. This tool is awesome and solves the problems of sharing and collaborating on UI components. Of course, Bit for Vue is so powerful to compose UIs with shared components. In the Bit for Vue, Dev platform, users can organize the components.

Vue Starter for PWAS

Vue Starter is a value node of boilerplate for production-ready progressive web applications. They focus on performance and development speed with an impressive 90+ lighthouse score. It is opinionated boilerplate using tons of optimizations forever. It includes possible solutions to create a boilerplate for optimizations and best practices.

Vue design system

Vue Design System is an open-source boilerplate for building UI design with Vue.js. This tool includes a set of tools and practices with the foundation of the project. Vue Design System is built up the Style guide with generator, web pack, and Theo. You can find out some live demo to kick start this tool for development.

Vue Router

The concept of routing is unique and familiar with the JavaScript framework. In addition to this, it also supports router params, querying, and wildcards. Furthermore, they create a feature with transition effects to make user changes and links with active CSS frameworks. Vue router also provides possible choices for creating a user experience.


Axios is a popular third-party tool for creating and managing ajax requests. It depends on the complete framework in setting out separation of vue-resource.

This tool holds an ajax library of the repository, and the vue js development company has initiated a choice. So, it is very good to use the official vue repository similar to predecessor and universal solutions. They catch the server and support promises.


It is the very first set up in building the applications using the VueJS setup. They arrange a good boilerplate that helps to avoid writing code from scratch. There are several options included when using the boiler plates and enable to maintain many types of applications.

Nuxt tool makes your development process easier and faster. It includes modular architecture and 50 modules to support tasks.


Vuetify is the combination of Vue and beautify. This tool is widely used for many purposes. Due to its elegant library and handcrafted UI components, it helps you to create beautiful applications.

It presents more than 80 modules based on the matter design specification. In addition, it provides some components including alerts, banners, badges, and others.

Vue Apollo

Vue Apollo is a versatile tool that utilizes the power of APIs. They allow you to query the right data with a proper application or function. Vue Apollo depends on the most convenient solution for using GraphQL for Vue. It includes Apollo components which help you to use true values. In addition, it includes query language and the front end for easy data exchange.


Mocha is a testing tool that is used to ensure client expectations as soon as possible. The development has been done appropriately. This becomes more important for building Vue or JavaScript frameworks in general. Many frameworks are used for relevant test cases in GitHub makes tracking with resolving them more convenient.

Vue.JS WordPress Theme Starter

Vue.js WordPress theme starter helps you create your theme using Vue for the front-end purpose. They carry out a massive solution based on the BlankSlate WordPress Starter theme.

VueRouter has been guiding the state management pattern with the project. This theme allows you the development guidelines for Vue.js and comes with Firebase support.

Vetur Extension

Vertu is a VS Code extension by Pine Wu that helps you to make the development process easier. Of course, Vetur provides much functionality by managing syntax highlights. In addition, they carry out more outcomes by referring to this GitHub link for more information. It includes formatting, and this tool manipulates functionalities.


Many developers are struggling with considerable issues. It includes proper control functionalities by setting out a clear-cut solution forever. The management functions should allow being mutated predictably using the JavaScript framework.

The users and actions should change with proper outcomes. Vuex allows one to offer snapshot export and zero-config time travel options.


Hope, these top tools for Vue JS developers in 2021 are quite helpful for developers. The VueJS development tools are available to make your project successful. However, they search as per the proficient and well versed with the tools used to a large extent. Then, you can hire VueJS developers to build strong applications.

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