Top 11 Reasons for Using AngularJS for Your Next Web App

A popular product of Google, AngularJS is an open source, feature-rich JavaScript framework that enables the developers to build robust and dynamic web apps. Even though it doesn’t bring any radical solutions to developers, it is still one of the most popular frameworks that largely simplifies and structures the JavaScript code. This open source, front-end framework is extensively used to create utilitarian single page applications (SPAs).

In today’s post, we have listed down some of the most important reasons why you should opt for AngularJS for your next project. Let’s have a look.

Reasons Why You Should Choose AngularJS for Your Next Web App

AngularJS is an amazing framework used to build great apps. There are several valuable reasons for choosing it for your next web app, including ease of use and superb flexibility. Let us look at the various reasons in detail.

  1. Large Community

AngularJS supports a huge community where like-minded people hold discussions and offer sustainable solutions related to the framework. This is beneficial for both the clients as well as the developers. For the clients, it becomes extremely easy to locate the right and most suitable AngularJS development services and team for their project. On the other hand, there are several online books and other resources available for the developers. Thus, they can find significant information and solutions to any problem that they may encounter with.

  1. MVC Architecture

MVC architecture implies Model View Controller. AngularJS deploys MVC architecture for building web apps. You simply need to split the app and rest everything is managed by AngularJS. In MVC,

  • Model upholds all the data
  • A View is in charge of displaying all the data
  • Controller seeks to establish a strong connection between the two- Model and View.
  1. Readable code

AngularJS uses a declarative code style that is extremely easy to read, understand and support. This lightweight code eradicates the need of describing every single step needed to perform a job. Instead, you only need to describe the end result, making the process much simpler and faster.

  1. Directives

AngularJS uses HTML as its pattern language. It uses directives to invent the new HTML syntax and add code information about the significant behavior. This is a unique and strong feature of AngularJS as directives help you to concentrate on creating logics and improve work efficiency. Additionally, you can reuse these directives to make your code more readable.

  1. Customizable

The libraries available in AngularJS are completely customizable. They can easily be altered as per the requirements, thus decreasing the size of the framework.

  1. Ready made Solutions

AngularJS comes with a wide array of readymade solutions that can be used to quickly build your SPA. These readymade modules can be used for a variety of tasks. Also, with AngularJS you can easily create hybrid apps since there is no strict project structure that you need to observe.

  1. Speed

Owing to features such as readymade solutions, easy testing practices, and MVC architecture, AngularJS speeds up the entire app development process. It allows for the rapid completion of both small and large projects that have made it a quintessential choice for millions of developers across the globe.

  1. Data Binding

AngularJS observes a two-way data binding technique. This enables the mobile app developers to rapidly detect all changes that have been made to all the earlier modules.

  1. Modularity

AngularJS allows the developers to split the entire app in various modules. This separate module technique improves the app architecture and enhances its flexibility and functionality. Moreover, it improves workflows and helps in achieving better end results.

  1. Easy Testing

AngularJS allows for module separation. This means that different parts of the module code can be written and tested separately from the rest of your app. Therefore, you only have to test the necessary parts or chosen services without wasting time on testing the entire application.

  1. Filters

This is a great feature of AngularJS that helps in effectively storing all the data. The data is organized by applying various filters such as uppercase, lowercase, numbering, alphabetical order, etc. This tactical approach helps in efficiently storing massive volumes of data as well as for implementing database search functionality.

To gain popularity, anything should have a list of successful cases along with its benefits. So, to know about its best suits, let us check the best examples.

AngurarJS will help in building great User experience for your web app if you are looking for:

  • Video Streaming Apps: AngularJS is bet fit for these cases. Netflix and YouTube are the examples of it.
  • User Review Application: Now, customers are keener to know information’s about everything in which they are interested. This helps them in taking a wise decision and be safe to do waste of money. For this case, Goodfilms is good enough to be an example. It provides an online review of movies.
  • Travel Apps: AngularJS provides dynamic features which make it more suited for travel app development. JetBlue’s is the best example of it.
  • Weather Apps: Better Intuitive interface and forecast with accurate performance are all that matters in weather app. In this case, suits well.
  • Content Portal: Both and use AngularJs. These portals handle thousand of posts, projects, and chats every day.
  • eCommerce and mCommerce: Many Commerce sites and apps are developed using AngularJs.
  • Social Apps: We all know LinkedIn. Its Mobile part was developed with AngularJS.

Final thoughts

AngularJS is an amazing multifunctional framework that empowers you to create strong single page applications. It offers a myriad of power packed features that can help in improving your project’s overall value and productivity. However, at the same time, you need to carefully check and make sure if the framework will work for your type of web development scenario.

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