Top Five Mobile Apps to Help You Ease into a Peaceful Sleep

When was the last time you truly rested your mind? Can’t remember, can you? There is always something popping up at the last minute. It could be the lingering worry over the paperwork that needs to be filed the next day, or it could be a horde of expectations from a recent relationship that never got to be fulfilled. Or maybe it’s even a simple notification alert from your smartphone, showing you how many likes or shares your latest Facebook status is getting. The point is that there are so many distractions to keep you wide awake and restless on your tired toes.

The importance of sleep cannot be stressed enough at this point. Take the example of a machine. If it keeps on running without adequate respite, it will eventually break down, right? Similarly, if you don’t get enough shut-eye, you’ll burn out your energy faster than a light-bulb on its last breath.

You try to block out all the intruding thoughts from your mind so you can drift off into a dreamless sleep. Still, something remains. So how can you calm yourself down enough to sleep peacefully? You can do so by using the following mobile apps, which promise to register your sleep behavior, discipline your scattered thoughts, and tranquilize your senses. Use your smartphone to your advantage, and let technology bring ease and convenience into your life.

Sleep as Android

Sometimes, it is not about how you go to bed, but how you wake up from it. Whether you get less than four hours of sleep or sleep more than eight hours, in both situations you’re going to find yourself dazed and exhausted once you arise from the immoderate slumber.

To maintain the regularity of your sleep cycle, you need a completely efficient automated assistant which comes in the form of this app, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store. It releases sense-calming sounds just as you go to bed to help you smoothly sail the seas of sleep. Not only this, with a wearable sensor, it records your snoring, movements, sleep talking, and walking patterns if any. After registering these statistics, it creates an optimal sleep schedule for you, which ensures that you wake up all fresh and hearty.

Good Morning Alarm Clock

Sleep is not a constant. It is, in fact, an unpredictable variable. People have been studying it for years, trying to quantify it as a phenomenon. However, there is one way to pin it down, and that is to track its trajectory in the form of phases.

It begins lightly with a gradual numbing of the senses and the closing of the mind. Then, it goes on a deeper level, where the subconscious plays the most important part and crafts dreams before your eyes. Near the morning hour, the effect begins to lighten up again, before the senses are reactivated and you wake up completely.

There is an android app which taps into these phases precisely throughout your sleep. It gently lulls your senses in the pre-sleep light period with white noise, tracks your positions in the deep part, and then mildly begins to wake you up with the softest sound possible. With such an accurate cushioning, you wake up naturally and soulfully. Download this app now from the Play Store for free, using your Comcast packages subscription.

Recolor – Coloring Book

One of the nastiest culprits which prevents you from sleeping is anxiety. Do you know what goes on in the head of a person who is constant prey to anxiety? There are too many thoughts rushing at the speed of light. Thoughts of things that have already happened, of situations currently playing out, and of scenarios that might occur in the future. Such tension drains all the energy from a person, leaving them extremely tired, yet unable to shut the mind, which keeps on running even after the eyes are closed.

How can you mitigate this anxiety to ensure a relaxing slumber? With this app, Recolor, that comes with drawings of all shapes and sizes which you can fill and color in to distract your attention from anxiety in order to sleep peacefully.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

You’re lying in bed and it is awfully quiet. Not a single sound can be heard. This cosmic level silence can get suffocating after a while. It induces high-level insomnia and even certain degrees of paranoia in you, especially if you watch a horror film right before taking the nightcap.

It’s pretty natural to fear that someone might come out of the silent darkness, crawl towards the foot of your bed, and get you in your sleep. What you need is a musical, cheery symphony to ward off these nerve-racking thoughts.

An Android app called Relax Melodies does exactly this job. It releases a soothing set of sounds which calm you down and let you drift off to sleep. The best thing about this app is that it has an impressive variety of melodies, ranging from natural sounds, like the wind, all the way to instrumental meditation zen music. Just set it beside your bed and lose yourself in the comforting tunes. Download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Meditation is one of the most tried and tested ways of bringing people into a deep sleep. When done right, it cuts you off from the distracting environment, allowing you to focus on your body and soul. As a result, you can experience the best form of sleep possible.

This app, Calm, has gained a huge following precisely because it offers meditation sessions and programs for everyone, which range from a mere five-minutes to even a half-hour. It engages all of your senses by enticing the eyes with gorgeous visuals and pacifying the ears with restful and calming sounds. With this app, you can even practice regulating you’re breathing and bringing it to comforting levels. Plus, you can read short life-changing stories before going to sleep. Get it on Google Play Store for free right this moment!

With the aforementioned mobile apps by your side, sleeping will never be an issue ever again.

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