Top 5 Market Places in India That are Famous for Restaurant Furniture

There are many bustling local furniture markets in India that have a great collection of restaurant furniture. Thanks to amazing mix of quirky and vintage options, these places are an absolute delight for anyone opening a new eatery or renovating the place. The best part is that you can have a stringent budget in mind or an eye for the classics, these furniture markets will not disappoint you with their collection. From the lustrous western sofas, the Victorian lampshades, to the comfy couches, you are definitely spoilt for choice in the range of furniture shops that line the streets. So, let’s take a look at these top five market places in India that are famous for restaurant furniture.

Banjara Market of Gurgaon

The place is named after Banjaras or the hippies who live here and this is an absolute delight for any furniture shopper. You will get all kinds of restaurant furniture in here, right from tables, cabinets, chairs, to bars, and more. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the place is the fact that the things that you get in here look high-end but come at half the price. However, keep in mind that the banjaras will quote a high price in the beginning and you will have to bargain to bring it down.

Chor Bazaar of Mumbai

A funny anecdote that goes around in Mumbai is that if you lose something in the city, you can always find it in Chor Bazaar. If you have an eye for intricacy and detail, getting through these narrow lanes and finding that ideal piece of restaurant furniture will not be too difficult. That eye for detail is also needed to filter out the originals from fakes. Arm yourself with haggling skills if you want to get the right goods at the right price from this place. The place remains closed on Friday and it is best to visit the place early in the morning for good deals.

Oshiwara Street Market of Mumbai

The Oshiwara Street Market is over half a century old and it is the best place to get genuine wooden furniture for your restaurant. It is interesting to note that this market is the place where all the ancient wooden furniture, from the old houses of the country,finds their way. Thus, you can be assured that each piece that you get from here comes with an intriguing backstory and that is, in fact, a great way to add some vintage feels to your restaurant.However, keep in mind that you will have to check each piece that you buy closely to ensure that there are no defects. You will find both replicas and originals of the furniture that once used to grace the palaces of Gwalior, Bhopal, and Kathiawar.

ChincholiBunder Link Road of Mumbai

The shops line the streets right from Oshiwarato Goregaon West, and the choices galore. The small shops along the street offer great deals and have almost all kinds of furniture that you can need for your restaurant and at affordable prices. Apart from the modern and ornate pieces that are already on offer, the shops also take orders for custom-made furniture. The shopkeepers take about two weeks to complete the orders. With some extra charges, they will deliver the furniture right to the doorsteps of your restaurant. This is not really the place that is too high on bargaining but you will see that the rates are in anyway lower than the branded showrooms. Make sure you avoid visiting the place on Wednesdays and Thursdays because most shops remain closed on these two days.

Jew Town of Cochin

This is the place to be when you want to bring in that vintage Victorian feel to your restaurant. The Portuguese style shops in the Jew Town have hard carved coffee tables, intricately designed chairs, and more. Many of the vendors here, in fact, specialize in selling antique furniture from the era of the British rule in India. Some of the goods that you will find in here are sourced from the houses of the British nobility during their stay in the country. The market is actually situated along a narrow stretch, from the Jewish Synagogue to the Mattancherry Palace but don’t let that give you the idea that there is any dearth of options in the place. Walking through the lanes of the market actually feels like you are in one of the old Jewish towns, and on top of that, you also get to source some affordable furniture for your restaurant.

So, if you want to add more furniture to your restaurant, or are looking forward to opening your new venture, now you know where to get all the furniture from, at highly economical rates.

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