Top Reasons Your Dog is Acting Strange and Digging Holes

Digging is a natural behavior in dogs, but when this behavior turns into obsession, there has to be an end to it. Though you love your pets, their weird habits can sometimes be frustrating to deal with. Digging holes can destroy your beautiful yard and also bring mud and dirt into your house.

If you’re wondering why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden, you are in the right place to find out. This strange behavior can be controlled quickly, but first, you need to determine what drives your dog to dig all of a sudden.

Here are some of the top reasons:

1. Instincts

Some dog breeds follow their biological instincts to dig holes inherited from their wolf ancestors. These dogs dig holes for a purpose, for instance, for hunting prey. Also, if bugs or other creatures are moving around, your dog will likely start digging holes.

2. Denning

Some dogs start digging holes to build a comfortable and safe den. This mostly happens when your dog wants a suitable place on a hot day. Your dog may find it comfortable to lay on the cool layers of the soil underneath the surface. Alternatively, dens also are warmer in cool weather, and you might see your dog digging most of the time.

3. Boredom

Boredom or loneliness can cause your dog to behave in this strange way. To keep busy or have fun, your dog may start digging holes in your yard or dig at the carpet or couch cushions. This behavior can soon become a habit every time they feel bored or do not get enough physical activity or mental stimulation.

4. Anxiety

When finding an answer to why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden, consider the probability of anxiety attacks in your pet. This anxiety can be separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, a change in routine or environment, etc.

5. Trying to Escape

Dogs, though they love their owners, may try to escape the yard by digging holes. When your dog sees something through the fence like a cat or maybe another dog, it will start digging holes underneath the fence to reach there. Even after the target has moved away from the place, your dog will keep on trying to get there.

6. Attention Seeking

Dogs love attention, and digging holes all of a sudden can be because your dog is naturally settled into a routine. Whenever your dog wants attention, it will let you know through this behavior.

7. Hiding or Searching Food

Some dogs like to hide food or treats in the ground to save them for later. They start digging holes not only to hide but later on to search for their hidden treats. They may also smell bits of food on carpets and might want to retrieve those bits by scratching and digging on the carpets.

To change your dog’s digging behavior, which you may find destructive, you need to try out simple methods. With regular training, your dog will soon overcome this habit. If not so, give your dog a spot where he is allowed to dig and have fun.

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