Top Tips you can Use for Caring of Tile Floors

The flooring of any space or house is quite important. It not only adds to the aesthetics but also helps you feel great. People often choose tile flooring because of the easy maintenance, cleaning, and of course the cost-effectiveness. Even though tile floors are known for their easy cleaning and maintenance, you should surely follow a few tips while cleaning them. In order to help you make sure that the tile floors are great as always, unaffected by the dust or any other spill, we have brought some quick pro tips to help you take care of your tile floors better while cleaning them.

The quick tips for cleaning and caring

  1. Even though tiles are dust resistant to quite an extent, you should not wait long enough for them to look dull before cleaning up. Not as often as you think, but once in a while, it is better to simply dust off the dirt or clean roughly with a broom or duster. Even though it might not take more than just ten minutes to do so, sweeping or cleaning with the broom is a long-term and effective way to ensure proper maintenance and care of your tiles.

  2. Wet mopping or wet cleaning – There might be several ways in which the tiles can be cleaned but the most often used and the usually perceived as most effective way is using the wet mopper or cloth to mop the tiles. The wet cleaning has several advantages- the solution or liquid you use can easily take off all the dust and dirt. Now the mopping could be done either with a good and professional mopper or a wet soft cloth. This is the perfect resource that you can use to ensure that your tiles remain clean and thus, well maintained.

  3. Using mild acid with cleaning can also help a lot. When it has been a long time since you had last cleaned the tiles, some residue will get deposited in a  layer. To avoid such that, you need to make sure that some action liquid is used in removal of the dust layer. This is why experts recommend something very mild – like diluted lemon juice. A few drops of the juice smeared before steam mopping or wet mopping can help in proper cleaning of the tiles.

  4. Another important way that you can ensure the maintenance of the tiles is to make sure that whenever something gets spilled, you need to move swiftly in order to clean it up. Cleaning right away might not sound like something you’d want to do but here is the quick tip – if something acidic or basic has gotten spilled, it might cause corrosion of the tiles which will also result in the long term loss of colour and aesthetics. Thus,it is much better to go wipe it off as soon as possible, prolonging the life of the tiles.

  5. Using timely polish can also prove to be helpful in the long run if you are looking to maintain the overall aesthetics of the tiles. The tiles might not look the same after a few months or year. However, proper cleaning as well as polishing might just do the trick. There are several polishing products in the market which are not harmful to the skin or the senses at all. Just make sure that you allow the polish to dry off and that the quality of the polish is no sub-standard. Occasional polishing every year prolongs the life of the tiles as well.

  6. Last but not the least, it is always considered as good to vacuum clean your tile floors every now and then. When ceramic tiles are applied to the floor, they often leave minor spaces between the tiles where dirt or some other small material might get stuck. If that is the case with you as well, you need to make sure that you have gotten these materials off the floor at the right team and not allow them to turn into a sticky residue after decay. Usually, the vacuum cleaning is done before wet mopping or polishing to ensure proper cleanliness of the tile floor.

Tiles can be made from different materials and usually, the material they are made of determines how you should care for them. Since ceramic tiles are the most common, we have shared the procedure for the same. If you are using any other tiles, please make sure that any product or procedure you use, does not turn out to be detrimental or harmful to the tiles. After all, cleanliness and the desire to keep things clean should not come at the cost of spoiling your near-perfect tiles.

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