10 Top Websites for a Freelance Blogger to Get Gigs and Jobs

Freelancing Profession

Have you ever thought of winning up to the freelancing but never followed? Perhaps, you wanted to go for side income,or you must have given a thought to quitting the job and starting of your own business. Well, you are not the only one who thinks about these several mind boggling thoughts mixed with a fear which is holding you back at the back of your mind. So, let’s see some of the essentials of freelancing in this digital era along with the top global platforms.

Freelancing is a growing trend in the economy. Many people are attracted to freelancing because it provides a way to earn extra income and have more freedom each day. Freelancing refers to the environment in which the professional offer their services to the clients or businesses on a temporary basis. By providing services in such type of setting, gives the workers more flexibility and freedom.

Almost in every sector of the industries freelancers are required to complete their projects on time. Some of the sectors where freelancers are predominant include but not limited to, are-Web design, Graphics, Translation, Engineering, Music, IT, Telecom, and more. Whether you are an IT engineer, Chartered tax consultant, Singer or a Telecom engineer, everyone has got the place out here in the global freelance marketplace.

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular and practicable across multiple industries. According to the BLS study, it shows that on an average 53 million Americans make income through freelancing, and is going up day by day. While it takes assurance and can be a major lifestyle modification, there are a ton of bonuses linked with being a freelancer in this global economy, and flexibility is a great one.

Top website for a freelance to get gigs:

You must be thinking of high fees which you will have to shell out for becoming a freelancer in some of the top global platforms. Well, it may sound costly, trust me once you have dived in then there is no turning back. While there are tons of work opportunities out in the global market with the relevant skill set. Nevertheless, nothing can beat when it comes to freelancing as it has its own share of benefits and rewards rather than routine jobs.

So let’s see some of the top platforms or website which you can make use of to be called as a freelancer:

  • Toptal: It associates with the top 3 % of freelance experts across the globe
  • Craigslist: People understand Craigslist as just a platform for purchasing and selling several kinds of stuff; however, it’s a good source of freelance professions.
  • Fiverr: It’s a popular digital marketplace for freelance services established in 2010. Based in Tel Aviv, delivers a platform for freelancers to offer services. As per data since 2012, over three million services were listed on Fiverr.
  • Field Engineer: It has a transformed approach to meet the ever-changing workforce necessities for companies and also the engineers. FE is a unique digital platform which connects freelance engineers and the business with a single sign-on anytime anywhere. It has the coverage of more than 40000+ freelancers in over 180+ counties.
  • Guru: Companies find freelance workers for commissioned work.
  • 99designs: It helps you join in design contests and get feedback as clients pick the best ones
  • Crunchbase: It helps the freelancers to find freelance jobs based on geolocation. Any company hiring a freelancer can get extensive information before a hiring decision.
  • UpWork: Previously Elance-oDesk is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Upwork transformed from Elance-oDesk.
  • SimplyHired: It is flawless for everyone from salespeople to programmers
  • Peopleperhour: It is a great platform that started in 2007, focusing on freelancing projects. Thousands of expert freelance in hundreds of different fields are ready.

How Freelancers can engage with companies

Finding jobs is a problematic aspect of freelancing. Freelancers can either use a freelancing platform or sell their services directly to companies. Freelancers can either be engaged by connecting with business leaders or self through an online platform. There are several platforms available in the marketplace to linkupwith experts. Since technologies playan important role, there are exclusive platforms, mentioned above, are available which deliver the quality service at your peace of mind.

Is Freelancing Beneficial?

Freelancing is beneficial to workers for multiple reasons. Not only does it provide additional ways to earn income, but it also allows people to improve their skills in various roles. Anyone who wants to advance their career should try freelancing. This new economy, which appeared a few years ago in the United States and the rest of the world, has become so important that it has entered the speeches of the people for the White House.

However, today, this field of engineering economy is much more than a new network of connection for freelance work. The experience economy generates a multitude of new economic activities

Freelancing shapes the future

Freelancing is an excellent way of doing the work to provide their services. It is also an excellent platform for companies to find a talented service provider. As a service provider, they enjoy the flexibility which is critical requirements for the workforces around the world. As a result, freelancers are more valuable to companies.

Freelancers at present see themselves as businesses, and freelance running platforms bring the strategic brightness, responsibility, and control anticipated in a B2B association.

Freelancing Trends

Most people expect freelancing to become more common in the years ahead. Personnel at large businesses often toil away without meeting a monetary benefit – and they have no regulation over when or how they workfor the businesses. Freelancers who sense respected and appreciated will be ready to give their best performance.  With all that considered, it’s no wonder that freelancing has taken the place of work by storm.

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