The Trend of Electric Blankets in Today’s Customers

When winters are around the corner and you want a cosy and comfortable sleep then electric blankets are your best accessory that can keep you warm throughout winters. But it’s not just for warmth that people are inclining towards them. The electric blanket market has seen its market growth in different regions depending on capacity, profit, utilization, supply and other major factors.

There are several types of blankets that are available in the market as per the demands generated by the customer.

  • Underblanket: These are the types of blankets that are used above mattress to keep the sheet warm. Sometimes these blankets are provided with tapes to keep the blanket attach to the mattress.
  • Overblanket: This is the type of blanket which can be placed inside a duvet cover or on top of us with a thin sheet between the body and blanket.
  • Throws:Initially used for decoration these throws are lighter than a proper blanket. It can be used both over mattress and over us.
  • Duvet:This is a type of bedding that consists of a bag like structure filled with wool and protected with a cover.
  • Drum Heaters:These are the types of coverings which can keep the food or any other material at optimal temperature. These drum heaters can help in storage of such materials.

Let’s check out some of the interesting features of electric blankets.

Different electric blankets comes with variety of features.

  • Safety feature: this is the most important feature to look upon when you are planning to buy an electric blanket. You should have a look at the specifications to ensure that your blanket is safe in every way. A safe blanket is UL Certified i.e. tested by Underwriters Laboratories that is followed globally. It specifies the voltage of electric blankets which should be very low to prevent any shock incident.
  • Utilization: The electric blankets should be made in such a way that it could be used in any condition like in dark as well where it could be easily switched on. Some blankets contain LCD screens that will help in making changes in the settings easily.
  • Comfortable: The electric blankets should be created in such a way that a person could adjust the heat according to his requirement. The material used to make a blanket should of cotton, polyester, fleece or synthetic material.
  • Keeps foot warm: It is very difficult in chilly winters to maintain a warm foot altogether. But, with electric blankets it has become easier to keep the feet warm as the blanket focuses more at the toes.
  • Timers: there are certain blankets available that can keep a low temperature to maintain a comfortable atmosphere when you are ready to go to bed.
  • Removable Controls & settings: The controls could be easily detached from the blanket to wash it properly. But, the washing should be done as per the instructions suggested on the blanket.

Incredible Health benefits of Electric Blankets

  • Muscle soreness and aches could be treated in a better way when you are lying under an electric blanket that keeps the hot temperature constant required for such soreness.
  • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia: These are the two types of conditions which causes much pains in joints and muscles and especially during low temperature conditions. Keeping yourself under an electric blanket can reduce the pain.

Helps sleeping in a cool room: No need to switch on your high power room heaters. Save electricity and choose electric blankets for your sleeping time.

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